Oceanworks Appoints Trust Relations as Agency of Record to Amplify its Sustainability Initiatives

by | May 16, 2023

The global marketplace for recycled plastic materials leverages Trust Relations’ PR prowess to attract leading CPG brands and institutional customers 

WILLIAMS, AZ (May 16, 2023) — The fast-growing virtual public relations agency Trust Relations announced today it is Oceanworks’ official agency of record, highlighting the agency’s expertise in sustainability. Trust Relations will spearhead Oceanworks‘ new public relations program, emphasizing business and consumer media relations and thought leadership initiatives. Trust Relations will also support Oceanworks’ IMPAC+ program as part of this strategic partnership. 

Founded in 2016 by Rob Ianelli, Oceanworks partners with leading brands such as Block, Inc., Glad, Electra, Quo Beauty, Skip Hop, and Caliray to keep our oceans clean and help brands take a meaningful stand against plastic pollution. Through Oceanworks’ plastic action platform, companies can measure their plastic footprint, fund plastic waste collection and accelerate the transition to sustainable alternatives. 

“We are thrilled to be working with a disruptive, boundary-pushing PR firm like Trust Relations that is passionate about our mission and ‘gets’ how important it is for us to get the word out about how Oceanworks is helping leading brands take a stand against plastic pollution,” said Ianelli. 

Challenging the current PR landscape and reinventing the industry has been a core part of Trust Relations’ successful business model since its inception in 2019. The agency strives to be more than just a mouthpiece for its clients, working instead as an extension of every partner brand to establish trust and generate measurable results. 

Oceanworks also tapped Trust Relations to amplify its IMPAC+ program, a turnkey customized solution for brands to help them reduce their environmental footprints or go plastic neutral. The comprehensive program guarantees and provides incentives for properly disposing of plastic waste that might otherwise go uncollected. 

“Trust Relations has a proven track record of establishing a formidable media presence for purpose-driven and emerging brands like Oceanworks. This is an amazing brand doing amazing things that shares our genuine passion for environmental responsibility,” said April White, CEO and founder of Trust Relations. “We are honored to partner with them to amplify their incredible mission in the media, which the world needs to hear.” 

Trust Relations will play a pivotal role in supporting Oceanworks’ communications efforts. By leveraging its teams of media relations strategists and integrated marketing specialists, Trust Relations aims to raise Oceanworks’ profile amongst mainstream and corporate audiences, reinforce the company’s executives as thought leaders and attract target customers, which include CPG brands and institutional customers. Trust Relations will also utilize its vast network of writers and research specialists to craft and deliver high-impact messaging detailing Oceanworks’ mission, to achieve a more sustainable future and eliminate plastic waste. 

About Oceanworks 

Oceanworks is a Plastic Action Platform that exists to keep our ocean clean by making it easy for brands to take action against plastic pollution. Through a global network of collectors and recycled plastic suppliers, Oceanworks partners with brands to measure their plastic footprint, fund plastic waste removal, find sustainable alternatives and track supply chains from shore to shelf. For more about Oceanworks, visit https://oceanworks.co/.  

About Trust Relations 

Founded in 2019 by award-winning PR veteran-turned-disruptor and official TEDx speaker April White, Trust Relations is the first fully remote strategic communications and integrated marketing agency. We offer access to the best PR and marketing professionals nationwide across every industry. Our proprietary model provides clients with unparalleled transparency, helps align their storytelling and “story-doing,” and unlocks exceptional value for businesses. It also empowers Trust Relations to scale alongside clients by providing everything from basic support to creative activations that maximize brand exposure. Our mission is to replace public relations with “trust relations” by discovering and championing every brand’s authentic truth. Our unique approach and comprehensive suite of services empowers organizations to achieve alignment between what they want people to think about their brands and how they can “show” as well as “tell” stories that demonstrate those proof points. For more information, visit https://www.trustrelations.agency/

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