Relevance International launches The Purpose Method to help build socially responsible, impact-driven brands

by | Oct 16, 2020

Relevance International, a global integrated communications, branding and digital marketing agency specializing in real estate, hospitality, corporate and luxury goods, announced the launch of its newest specialized service for brands – The Purpose Method. The service offers a high-tech meets high-touch pairing program to ensure brands’ unique values are embedded in its cause-related partnerships and initiatives.

“Now more than ever brands are reassessing their business’ alignment with their personal core values. This ‘awakening’ is happening simultaneously alongside the evolving, socially conscious consumer. Supporting a cause is no longer enough – it’s about finding purpose, and baking it into the ethos of an organization,” said Suzanne Rosnowski, CEO and founder of Relevance International. “Companies willing to go deeper into its brand evolution will come out ahead as it makes for better workplace satisfaction, enhances customer loyalty and improves lives. It can be daunting at first, but when a company doesn’t know where to start, we do.”

The Purpose Method begins with the proprietary Purpose Finder, developed by Rosnowski. The tool is rooted in an AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm. Relevance professionals walk the clients through the exploration of their innermost core values and purpose, unique gifts, budget, time, and desired reach. Summarizing extensive research, The Purpose Finder helps quickly deduce the best cause to partner with for an impactful brand alliance, saving the client time and effort. Categories for potential Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partners span diverse types of nonprofits, focusing on causes related to supporting people, animals, and the environment. Relevance also has compiled added resources and advisors for even more extensive depth and breadth of cause-related knowledge, as needed.

The second phase of the Purpose Method involves a team of CSR strategists who impart experience and creativity to develop unique programs, creating one-of-a-kind ways to embed purpose work in the business. The result is a dynamic business partnership Relevance forges between the business and the charity and an ongoing strategic awareness plan. This cause-related marketing and publicity process includes a delicate mix of advising brands to ensure the chosen alliance is approached, positioned, and executed with authenticity and originality.

“Purpose is the deeper reason for being beyond making money. It is the answer to ‘Why does a company exist?’ Relevance International believes the answer should serve as the beacon for all organizational decision making,” Rosnowski added. “Particularly for business leaders, the pandemic has fast-tracked awareness of lasting and rewarding work, the need to create positive change in the world. We predict this trend will not only become increasingly popular, but brands lacking social responsibility will soon be the outliers.”

For Relevance international, an agency with three offices – New York, London, and Los Angeles – and its own global affiliate network, its reach was an asset the company realized could help support clients’ purpose on a global stage. Consumer resources are scarce, so competition for brand loyalty is increasingly emotional and based on relationships not only with people, but also aligned causes. Embracing purpose has been proven to make a measurable difference in customer choices.

Relevance International is a globally recognized top PR agency, which has recently evolved into a full-service marketing and digital brand building company. The firm continually delivers industry firsts and strategic partnerships thanks to its strong relationships, strategic brand development counsel and deep knowledge of publicity, advertising, and digital marketing for the global brands it serves.

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