Transforming Customer Engagement: Emplifi’s Latest Release Harnesses Power of AI, Automation, and Analytics Innovation for Brands Targeting Modern Consumer Interactions

by | Jul 11, 2023

Amplifying momentum with innovative solutions: Emplifi CX Cloud utilizes AI and additional capabilities to equip brands for today’s modern consumer engagement

New York, July 11, 2023Emplifi, a leading unified customer engagement platform, today announced its Summer ‘23 highlights. The solution delivers advanced automation, expanded generative AI support, commerce innovation, integrated social customer care and other capabilities to enable brands to connect with, convert and care for the modern consumer across digital and social channels.

“Our most recent advancements incorporate a powerful blend of automation, foundational and generative AI, rule-based decision-making, intelligent routing, CX analytics, and integrated care within our suite of marketing, commerce, and service solutions”, said Emplifi Chief Technology Officer Todd McCaslin. “These innovations are designed to enhance operational efficiency, drive revenue growth, and ensure unparalleled customer experiences across dynamic digital and social platforms.”

Emplifi’s Summer ‘23 solution highlights includes numerous new features, workflows and capabilities:

Social Marketing

  • Emplifi Care helps organizations respond immediately and proactively to incoming customer requests, inquiries or feedback on social media. With brand reputation a mission-critical initiative across all companies, Emplifi Care helps provide integrated case management tools for social media and community managers to route, open, manage, track, analyze and escalate customer service and care inquiries. Specific capabilities in the Summer ‘23 highlights include:
  • Tailored SLA targets and real-time notifications help boost efficiency and ensure compliance by aligning service levels with case priorities. 
  • Enhanced filtering options, including sentiment analysis, enable teams to pinpoint the inquiries, requests, and messages that could have a substantial or significant impact on the brand.
  • Cases within Emplifi Care Integrate with Salesforce Service Cloud for greater team efficiency and workflow while maximizing ROI across existing infrastructure.
  • Emplifi Publisher helps teams keep pace with ongoing velocity of content creation and delivery, particularly as organizations turn to UGC to deliver authenticity at scale. The Summer ‘23 release now allows social media teams the ability to easily publish approved UGC assets across popular social platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok within Emplifi’s award-winning User Interface. Also included in the release is a unified Calendar that helps streamline and schedule campaigns across a few or hundreds of channels for significant gains in ease, speed and productivity.


  • Emplifi Influencers has expanded capabilities to help brands better tell their story as well as drive increased conversion and revenue. As a result of Emplifi’s acquisition of Pixlee TurnTo, the influencer database provides access to more than 30 million macro-, micro- and nano-influencers. The innovative Product for Post feature helps brands build awareness, gain valuable reviews and move inventory while getting insights on influencer and product performance. Brands can also send influencers products, track costs, delivery status, and content from one place.
  • Emplifi UGC harnesses authentic, customer-generated content for brand storytelling, enhancing relatability, engagement, and conversions. Our AI product tagging allows both brands and consumers to tag products, enabling customers to promote their favorite items and aiding brands in boosting product awareness, thereby closing the content-to-commerce gap.
  • Emplifi Ratings and Reviews help brands showcase both as a means to influence purchasing decisions given that consumers today outrank ratings and reviews over price, return policy, and shipping costs. New features include syndicated review subdimensions, shopper profile attributes, rating-only reviews and review responses to provide brands with more insights into buyers and product success.


  • Emplifi Knowledge now supports generative AI, giving authors the ability to create topic-specific question variations to streamline knowledge base management while helping agents and consumers ask and receive answers on simple to complex questions with the greatest degree of accuracy.
  • Emplifi Bot chatbots are proven to manage up to 40% of a service center’s incoming customer cases through the power of self-service. The Summer ‘23 release now includes self-service templates and ready-to-use conversation flows to help organizations get up and running with omni-channel bots quickly.
  • Emplifi VoC’s UI has been refreshed to support Emplifi’s award-winning UI/UX framework. New scalable star ratings have been added to Emplifi VoC to give brands another user-friendly tool to receive feedback. Users can now create, visualize, and plan survey changes before publishing, ensuring a smooth and effective feedback collection process.

“Our Emplifi Summer ’23 groundbreaking solutions are a true game-changer, introducing a variety of enhancements, integrations, and finely-tuned improvements. This potent release offers substantial value to our marketing, commerce, and service teams. As we charge forward towards Fall ’23, rest assured, more revolutionary advancements are imminent,” said McCaslin.

To get a closer look at Emplifi’s unified customer engagement platform and the Summer ‘23 product innovation highlights, book a demo.

About Emplifi

Emplifi is a leading unified customer engagement platform that empowers businesses to reach and grow communities through digital- and social-first strategies. More than 20,000 brands like McDonald’s, Ford Motor Company, and Delta Air Lines rely on Emplifi to enable connected, empathetic experiences for the modern consumer across marketing, commerce, and care. Headquartered in New York, Emplifi partners with major social media networks and digital platforms, including Google, Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat.

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