How outsourcing PR and other services can transform your business

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Marketing, Public Relations

The world of business is more competitive than it’s ever been, so it’s essential to keep costs low, while still providing a great service to your customers.

Recruiting new staff members for specialist tasks can be costly and time-consuming, which is why it makes sense to turn to outsourcing experts that can save you money at the same time as delivering great performance.

There are three areas in particular where external experts can give you a competitive edge:

Public relations

Building a brand that consumers trust is the key to building a successful business with a positive future, and public relations is the key to creating and sustaining a brand. High-quality public relations professionals will ensure that your business gets noticed for all the right reasons, connecting you with influencers in your field and gaining positive press coverage. They also provide vital media monitoring solutions, so you’ll know what’s being said about you and, just as importantly, your competitors in all forms of the media.

To make the most out of your PR potential, you’ll need a specialist in the field, so outsourcing this role to a company within that sector, rather than giving it as a secondary task within your company, can bring tangible rewards.

IT management

If your computers, website, or servers fail, it can be catastrophic to your business, so effective IT management should be one of your primary concerns. Many companies employ a single IT specialist or a small team, but that can be inadequate if problems strike, and they can be too busy with everyday tasks to see the bigger picture.

When computer problems occur, every lost minute will cost you money and can also damage the reputation of your business, but utilizing a managed IT service from a specialist company such as Custard Technical Services means you have one less thing to worry about. Outsourced IT experts will monitor your systems on a continual basis, removing the risk of downtime and the expense that comes with it.


You can have a great product, but if the design and packaging let it down, it’s likely to be overlooked by potential customers. Design is too important a function to be passed off as merely another role for the marketing team, as first impressions count in today’s business world. By outsourcing your design needs to an expert, they’ll be able to dedicate their time to ensuring the finished product is as good as it can possibly be.

They can also ensure that your logos, website, and product design form a harmonious whole, which is an essential factor in creating a brand that is powerful and memorable.

Outsourcing vital functions of your business such as public relations, information technology, and design ensures that you have people of the highest quality in these roles, ones who are concentrating on this function as a whole rather than being distracted by other tasks within your business. Making the most of external experts can also save you money when compared to the cost of hiring a specialist to work full time within your company, so learning to outsource effectively can take your business to the next level of success.


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