As the chilly temperatures of February set in, Bulldog Reporter traffic was heating up—we had one of our best months in the 2020s, and our top posts had some incredible visibility. A variety of topics drove that success, including research-based posts on marketing and communications trends and activities to expect in a (so far) very shaky year, how more focused and personalized comms outperform big-money Super Bowl ads, an analysis of obstacles curtailing ESG initiatives despite widespread support from both businesses and consumers, and the difficulties in communicating the risks of climate change.

Our byline contributors also drove big traffic, tackling topics like engaging brand ambassadors on social media, how to use AI tools to boost brand marketing, adjusting comms strategy to target a wider audience, top skills to look for in a social media manager, food and wellness trends to expect in 2023, and the most effective ways for marketers to think outside the box.

In case you missed a few of those posts last month, here’s a collection of our top-performing articles so you can catch up. Spring is in the air!

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Marketing opportunities in uncertain times: New global trends report offers direction for 2023

As marketers prepare for a year that’s sure to bring new challenges—but also opportunities—new research guides them through uncertainties that they may face in 2023, along with strategic approaches to propel their businesses forward.

How to engage brand ambassadors on social media to drive conversions

Not all brand ambassadors are the same. You need a strategy to engage them effectively. Here are some key strategies for engaging ambassadors on social media that will help you drive conversions for your brand.

How AI tools can boost your brand marketing—and how to use them

In an age where PR has become more critical than ever, AI can help brands understand their followers and engage them in meaningful conversations. Here are the top ways to boost your brand marketing with AI.

Consumers say personalized communications make sales—not Super Bowl ads

As we get ready for the Big Game this weekend, consumers have a message for big-money ad buyers: invest in better personalization to get real consumer engagement. More insights on Super Bowl ads here.

Growth communications: How targeting a wider audience affects your strategy

With expansion comes change, and it might not be clear what that will look like. Understanding how communicating with a wider audience affects your PR strategy can help you to make the leap gracefully.

5 skills every social media manager should possess

Today, all brands are challenged with managing their social media content and strategy. Here we discuss the role of the social media manager in brand success—and offer a list of 5 job skills the role should have.

Both C-suite leaders and consumers solidly support ESG initiatives—so where’s the progress?

Consumers and business leaders alike say they are committed to becoming more sustainable—and are willing to pay a price and make trade-offs for it. So what exactly is holding up ESG progress? A pair of new surveys seeks answers.

Food PR trends: What will be the leading food purchase drivers in 2023?

After years of keeping immune health and comfort top-of-mind during the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are back to prioritizing affordability and convenience when shopping for food, new research finds.

Expanding horizons: 4 ways marketing teams can think outside the box

How can marketers go beyond traditional marketing methods and leverage the power of new technology to create a truly unique and engaging experience for their customers? Here are four of the most effective ways.

New research underscores challenges in communicating climate change risks

Despite the issue’s urgency and horrific implications, new academic virtual-simulation research determines that there is no easy way to engage with the general public to communicate the risks of climate change.