Yes, it’s holiday marketing season again, which many of Bulldog’s upcoming posts will be addressing, but it was business as usual in October—and another strong month of content. Many of our leading posts dealt with industry nuts and bolts, tackling topics like the expanding role of PR in an integrated age, crucial soft skills practitioners need to have, maintaining mental health in a stressful field, and why common sense is critical when responding to crisis.

Other October posts offered PR-adjacent insights on topics like influencer marketer burnout, boosting and managing sales in the metaverse, vital leadership skills to develop, and examining why women leaders are leaving their companies at such a high rate. In case you missed a few of these, we bundled here our top posts of the month. And now on to the big holiday shopping season!

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Beyond media relations: Creating a new path for PR

To the majority of brand executives—particularly at midsize companies and smaller—PR is media relations. Nothing more, nothing less. But this is no longer the case in an integrated age.

5 most important soft skills every PR professional should have

Soft skills are more nuanced and difficult to pin down. They cannot be measured, but employers know them when they see it. Sometimes, these talents are just as important as your knowledge or expertise.

Working in PR? Here are 6 mental health tips

Many PR professionals experience serious mental health issues in a demanding environment. Treating mental health illnesses helps, but prevention goes a long way. Here are some tips for handling stress.

Influencer inhibitors: 4 out of 5 of content creators are burnt out, struggle with mental health

A new survey focuses on the level of burnout content creators and online influencers are experiencing, and what is driving it. Nearly 80% of respondents suffer from burnout, with 66 percent saying it impacts their mental health.

11 tips for setting up a sales funnel in the metaverse

In this post, we’ll explore how one of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign, the sales funnel, fits into the grand scheme of this virtual reality we call the metaverse. Take a look.

How to do PR for business: 6 top tactics and practices for practitioners

PR has become an integral part of digital marketing, quintessential to building brand awareness and credibility. Here are 6 top tactics for doing PR for your business to build a positive image.

An important media-response aspect during a PR crisis is underused: Common sense

Too often a very important aspect of responding to the media during a PR crisis is underused—common sense. Here are some of the tactics that I have used when responding to the media during crises.

The ‘Great Breakup’: Women leaders demanding more—and leaving their companies to get it

Women leaders are switching jobs at the highest rate in years, and at a much higher rate than men—and companies that don’t take action in response to this trend are at risk of losing hard-won progress toward gender equality.

4 smart tips for startups to leverage PR for success

Startups have a unique opportunity to use PR to their advantage. PR can help startups build credibility, create brand awareness, and generate leads. Here are five tips for startups to leverage PR for success.

How you can become a leader at any level in your organization: 4 vital traits to develop

Position alone doesn’t turn a person into a leader. While the journey to become a great leader is long, business professionals can start early by developing certain vital traits, like those covered here.