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Before Agility, the University’s main and school-specific communications teams did not have a cohesive approach to distributions, media monitoring, and measurement as each team was using a different PR platform to source media contacts, conduct outreach, and monitor for results. The University wished to have more consistency across the teams by introducing a single platform and branded templates.


“We are helping them understand exactly what their goals are and then how to use the Agility platform to reach those goals,” says Lisa Di Lauro, Client Success Relationship Manager at Agility. At the beginning of the partnership, Agility developed a branded distribution template for the University and worked with the schools’ communications teams on keyword strategy and automated briefings. Additionally, Agility played a key role in developing and training the communications teams on a unified approach to using the platform for outreach, monitoring, and reporting.


Shortly after implementing Agility across most of its schools, the University’s communications teams benefited from gained efficiencies thanks to the streamlined process for outreach, monitoring, and measurement. For example, Agility helped the University automate a previously time intensive manual task. “They were trying to find out how often in their coverage a particular school wasn’t mentioned even when a faculty member or one of their institutes was mentioned,” says Lisa. Agility created an automated workflow using tags and Share of Voice measurement, freeing up the time of multiple university staff members. 

Agility has also made it possible for the schools to easily disseminate information internally. “The teams send multiple distributions from both the monitoring section and the distributions module almost every day,” says Katie Burley, Team Manager, Enterprise Client Success. 

Agility provides training to new team members and continues to assist the University’s communications teams in optimizing their use of the platform so they can better achieve their day to day and long-term goals. 


An American university with over 20,000 staff and 50,000 students. Ranked as a top 25 university by the 2023 U.S. News and World Report rankings, this leading research university undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate level programs across multiple schools, departments, and campuses. The University has worked with Agility since 2020 with the goal of achieving cohesion and consistency in distributions, media monitoring, and measurement capabilities across campuses.



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