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Being fully briefed is absolutely vital! Perhaps you or your clients work in a high-threat environment where company executives need daily briefings on what the organization is facing so they can successfully communicate and interact with stakeholders. Where only following your organization’s coverage isn’t necessarily enough. You also need to be on top of competitor and industry news. The company needs to have the full picture, if not daily, on a very regular basis.

You’re likely using media monitoring for all kinds of purposes, beyond traditional media relations and issues management, but also crisis communications, stakeholder communications, and strategic communications and business. Using media monitoring to be fully informed means your or your client’s organization is at its most agile and stable. You understand the mood your stakeholders will be in on any given day, you’ve got a solid grasp on market conditions, you can make fully informed decisions when It comes to responding to any crises that arise for the organization, you’re typically one step ahead and ensure you’re never making announcements or undertaking PR activities that will take a hit due to competitors’ activities.

Your Solution: Professional Services or Self-Serve Tool

Whether you do it on your own or have someone else do it for you, one thing’s for sure: Google Alerts is not going to be able to give you what you need here. As a Secret Intelligence Agent, you need a top-notch solution that will not only deliver you reliable, complete results, but will also measure their impact. You’re using this info to make strategic decisions, which means you need assurances that it is complete, reliable, and not crowded up with irrelevant “noise”. This work can be done with a self-serve tool like Agility PR Solutions’ media monitoring solution, but if you don’t have the manpower to comb through high volumes of coverage, you may want to call in some help. Which brings us to professional services. Maybe your staff don’t have the time to undertake detailed media monitoring as part of their duties, or perhaps you need custom metrics and analysis that goes beyond a self-serve tool’s capabilities. Either way, working with a professional service will ensure your results are timely, relevant, and delivered exactly the way you like them, with the insights that will help you or your organization be as efficient, responsive, and dynamic as possible.

How to Step Up Your Game

If you’re not already, you might want to try:

  • Working with a professional service to create custom metrics that are unique to your goals
  • Check out this case study to see how Carillion Clinic did just that!

Want to create your own custom metrics or make the most of your secret agent monitoring habits?

Want to create your own custom metrics or make the most of your monitoring habits?