BODEN continues to make inroads in Diversity & Inclusion as the first independent PR agency to join AIMM 

by | May 29, 2020

BODEN announced that it has joined the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM), an industry-wide alliance representing advertisers, media, research companies, trade organizations, and agencies across Hispanic, African-American, Asian-American, LGBTQ, People with Disabilities and non-multicultural segments. BODEN is the first independent public relations agency to join the organization, whose mission is to promote business growth in an increasingly diverse marketplace by elevating the role of multicultural and inclusive marketing.

“AIMM’s member base has always been 50% brand advertiser with the remaining 50% divided amongst the other industries represented.  Having surpassed 100 members, adding BODEN’s independent multicultural PR discipline within our Communications Track is a natural fit that amplifies our work,” said Gilberto Dávila, Co-Founder of AIMM.

In recent years, public relations has made significant strides when it comes to leveraging data and technology to measure brand reputation and market growth. BODEN will work with AIMM’s leadership as it expands its Cultural Insights Impact Measure™ (CIIM™) to include public relations.  CIIM™ is a metric that identifies the impact and effectiveness of cultural insights in ads and programming and how these have the potential to affect sales lift.

“We’ve joined AIMM at a critical time when brands are rethinking their communications strategies to address the disproportionate impact that COVID-19 has had on the multicultural segment,” said Natalie Boden, President and Founder of BODEN. “We are proud to be a strong contributor to AIMM as public relations takes on an important role for brands looking to build brand reputation and trust among diverse audiences.”

As an AIMM member, BODEN joins the forefront of the movement for greater multicultural and inclusive marketing communications. The agency will have direct access to AIMM’s Hub and Center of Excellence, which includes best-in-class models to test strategies as well as access to proprietary industry-leading research and thought leadership.

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