Caldwell Creative Celebrates 15th Anniversary by Announcing New Political Marketing Division of Company

by | Oct 21, 2021

Caldwell Creative, a Dallas-based creative agency led by Idora Caldwell, specializing in branding, grassroots marketing, graphic/website design, and printing, announced its new political marketing division to support politicians with their marketing campaign needs. The announcement comes as the agency celebrates its 15th year in business serving local, regional, and national clients.

Caldwell Creative has positioned itself as a thought leader and marketing strong-arm in Dallas, through its non-traditional conformities – by rolling up its sleeves and providing small and medium-sized businesses with everything they need (for marketing purposes) under one roof, no matter the ask. Caldwell Creative describes itself as anything but cookie-cutter and works outside of the marketing norms to not only meet clients’ marketing objectives but marry their needs with appropriate demographics to position them as household names.

One of Caldwell Creative’s most recent client success stories is from Shu Deal – a Dallas/Houston based shoe boutique, which saw a 2,000-percent growth on its Instagram platform, and an email marketing campaign that built and grew subscribers from zero to more than 20,000 subscribers in just 18-months.

“What started as a freelance-based passion, quickly grew into a successful marketing agency serving a variety of local and national clients across multiple industries,” says Founder and Creative Director of Caldwell Creative, Idora Caldwell. “As we embark on our fifteenth year in business, we continue to fill the much-needed void for quality branding, design, grassroots marketing, and printing for small businesses in Dallas, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the new political division of the agency to support politicians with their marketing campaign needs.”

Today, Caldwell Creative launches a new political marketing division of the company – The Political Arm (TPA), to fill a much-needed void in on-the-ground political campaign marketing support in Dallas.

Caldwell Creative’s first political client, Tonya J. Holt – a democrat who ran for judge of the Texas Fifth District Court of Appeals in 2012 and the Texas 401st District Court in 2020– set the path for the agency’s political marketing success. Since supporting Holt with her campaigns, the agency has onboarded a variety of political clients, from school boards to collegiate alumni presidents, to mayors, city councilmen and beyond, including Elizabeth Davis Frizell’s 2017-2018 campaign for Dallas District Attorney.

In late 2017, Caldwell Creative relaunched Frizell’s campaign, nearly a year after her opponent, John Cruezot, launched his run for office. With time moving rapidly towards election day, Caldwell Creative devised a strategy to not only engage voters but have them retain and correctly pronounce Frizell’s last name, by creating the slogan, “EXCEL with FRIZELL!” The creative strategy worked and became a calling card that many still reference today. As the campaign steamed forward, Caldwell Creative began growing Frizell’s social media followers, as well as her email list, which quickly grew to more than ten-thousand followers and subscribers. In addition, the agency raised Frizell’s name recognition and notoriety with thought provoking, educational and community engagement marketing campaigns and videos, which gained national attention from political activist, Shaun King, co-founder of Real Justice PAC, The North Start and host of the popular daily news podcast, The Breakdown. After reaching a national audience, Frizell’s platforms became a national springboard for change in Dallas, as well as other major cities across the country. And while Frizell lost the race by only a .001% margin, Caldwell Creative put forth an engaging, strategic campaign with minimal time, and achieved significant growth and recognition for their client and work; solidifying the agency’s move to expand and launch the company’s new political marketing division.

 “After strategically working on a few political campaigns, and becoming a Dallas County Precinct Chair, it was very evident that candidates were piece mailing their campaigns because there was no one source to get everything they needed,” says Caldwell. “What most people don’t understand is that it’s incredibly difficult to run for political office – it takes a lot of heart and strength – and it becomes even more stressful when trying to find a marketing partner who not only understands the landscape and work it takes to do the job well, but who is also an honest representation for a candidate’s design and marketing needs. I saw this was a niche I could naturally fill, and now have a political division of the agency based on that experience, which I’m incredibly proud of.”

In addition to owning and operating the creative agency, Caldwell has more than two-decades worth of experience as a marketing lecturer and adjunct professor at multiple local colleges, including Brightwood College in Dallas, ITT Technical Institute DFW, Carrington College in Mesquite, Texas, and Everest College in Dallas. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Urban League of Greater Dallas young professionals, North Texas Minority Chamber of Commerce, Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce, the Tower Club of Dallas, and National Black MBA Association DFW Chapter, to name a few.

For more information about Caldwell Creative or its newly launched political division of the agency, please visit www.ccmd1.com . To learn more about Idora Caldwell or to schedule an interview, please email info@kaylatuckeradams.com.

About Caldwell Creative

Caldwell Creative is the #1 solution for small business branding, marketing, graphic design & printing. For more than a decade, the agency has been taking small businesses to the next level with innovative, creative, and affordable graphic design and marketing solutions. Specializing in graphic and website design, branding, strategic grassroots marketing, and printing, Caldwell Creative is a one-stop-shop for small and medium sized businesses when they are ready for big-agency service, with a small business budget. Caldwell Creative helps develop authentic brand identities for clients, that can be cross utilized on multiple platforms and marketing materials to help grow business. For more information about Caldwell Creative, please visit www.ccmd1.com.

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