Changing Communications Explored at This Year’s IPREX EMEA Regional Conference

by | Oct 24, 2022

Last week in Portugal’s hilly capital city of Lisbon, IPREX leaders met for the opportunity to learn from, get creative with, and spend time with fellow partners from the EMEA region and further afield. More than 20 partners gathered from Europe, India and the United States.

IPREX is a $508 million network of public relations (PR) and communications agencies with more than 1,100 professionals in over 100 global markets.

“The conference theme, ‘New Horizons,’ examined how IPREX as a network can anticipate trends and changing client needs.” “No matter the theme, though IPREX partners value conferences to explore the nuances of different markets, strengthen relationships with one and other, and build trust that when you need an expert in any market, they are just a call away – this is what makes IPREX stand out,” said Julie Exner, Global President, IPREX.

The 2022 EMEA Regional Conference discussed topics such as digital communication trends, ESG’s building momentum, and market-specific trends, including India’s booming PR industry. The agenda also explored the complexities of the world, with its rising geopolitical tensions, climate change challenges, and looming energy crisis, and the impacts on the communications environment.

Regional leaders of IPREX agencies explored, connected on, and debated these opportunities and the changing role of communications professionals in Lisbon. The EMEA Regional Conference followed the Emerging Leaders Conference in Finland in March and the Annual Global Conference in The Netherlands in May. Next month over 35 Americas members will join in Arizona for the Americas Regional Conference.


IPREX is a $508 million network of communication agencies, with more than 1,100 communications professionals in more than 100 markets globally. Our locations are overseen by local senior leaders who take a highly active role and interest in client success. IPREX is the tenth-largest communication group as ranked by The Holmes Report in its survey of public relations holding companies and global networks.

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