Healthcare Technology Innovators Partner with V2 Communications

by | Oct 5, 2023

Integrated communications firm tapped by trailblazing digital health organizations to shape messaging, build brand awareness, and ultimately advance business and financial outcomes

Boston, Mass. – October 4, 2023V2 Communications (V2), an integrated communications firm for innovative technology brands in the B2B, healthcare, and climate sectors, has forged partnerships with Exo, Health Gorilla, and Neura Health, deepening its foothold in the healthcare technology market. This market has experienced unprecedented innovation and growth in recent years, propelled by emerging technologies that address operational and clinical issues that have long plagued the healthcare system. As the industry gears up for HLTH 2023 in Las Vegas next week, V2 anticipates continued growth of the sector, and will continue to build on its decade-long work partnering with healthcare technology companies to elevate visibility and credibility among the audiences that matter most, including health providers, payers, and patients.

“Technology advancements have unleashed data-backed insights that have the opportunity to improve the operational and clinical aspects of care,” said Kristen Leathers, SVP, Healthcare Technology Practice Lead at V2. “We are proud to work with brands that are on the front lines of redefining how care is diagnosed and delivered, ensuring we all enjoy greater health experiences and outcomes.”

V2 has deep experience illuminating innovative pathways for how care is diagnosed, delivered, and paid for—from breakthrough medical imaging and AI, to remote patient management and telehealth, to documentation and billing support. V2 creates integrated communications strategies that builds iconic healthcare technology companies.

Exo Reshapes the Medical Imaging Market with Handheld Ultrasound Platform

Nearly half of the world’s population has little or no access to diagnostic imaging. Caregivers—who are challenged by an aging patient population and shrinking workforce—need support delivering high-quality and efficient care for all. Exo is a medical imaging software and device company on a mission to modernize and scale medical imaging. With its medical imaging ecosystem—which combines AI, hardware, and workflow software—Exo is enabling healthcare professionals to create efficiencies, accelerate diagnosis, and dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Exo brought on V2 to amplify the importance of modern point-of-care ultrasound technology in driving simple and accessible imaging for providers and their patients. To showcase this new era of medical imaging, V2 has focused on bringing Exo’s vision and differentiated approach to life—most recently through the launch of Exo Iris™, a category-redefining handheld ultrasound device that delivers its medical imaging ecosystem into the hands — and pockets — of caregivers.

Health Gorilla Establishes Interoperability Floor

Even with the vast majority of health records digitized, access to comprehensive patient data for efficient and effective care remains a challenge for healthcare providers. The effort required to piece together a complete picture of every patient is considerable—and, far too often, clinicians must rely on a patients’ own memory of their medical history to make critical decisions. Health Gorilla, a privacy-focused health information network, delivers a healthcare interoperability platform that enables the secure exchange of accurate medical information, which can be used to improve care delivery, disease understanding, and public health.

Health Gorilla tapped V2 to shine a light on the healthcare interoperability category and underscore why Health Gorilla’s platform is critical to delivering better healthcare. V2 designs and leads a communications program that has established Health Gorilla’s industry leadership position—both in technology and thought.

“V2 has played a pivotal role in helping us achieve our communications objectives and broader business goals at Health Gorilla,” said Ali Zaman, Chief Marketing Officer at Health Gorilla. “Before V2, we lacked an organized program for press engagement. V2 has transformed Health Gorilla’s approach by providing a structured, long-term strategy for earned, and strategically timed, media coverage. The relationships we have established with V2 have delivered numerous benefits, accelerating our vision, customer growth, and brand visibility.”

Neura Health Builds Awareness of Neurological Care

Neura Health is a virtual neurology clinic on a mission to improve the access and quality of neurological care: increasing convenience, improving outcomes, and lowering costs for patients and their employers. Neura’s platform connects patients to neurologists, with built-in neurologic symptom monitoring and condition-specific diagnostic tests.

As Neura expanded its go-to-market strategy to include the enterprise sector, it engaged V2 because of the firm’s experience working with business-to-business companies in healthcare and the health benefits space—explaining the value of clients’ solutions and services to employer and health plan audiences. V2 is raising awareness for Neura and the problem it is solving by developing and promoting thought leadership content across key publications read by targeted employers and health plans.

Learn more about V2’s Healthcare Technology Practice, and contact V2 if you’re interested in working together. V2 will be at HLTH 2023 in Las Vegas next week; get in touch to set up a meeting.

About V2 Communications  

V2 Communications is the integrated communications firm for innovative technology brands in the B2B, climate, and healthcare sectors. The agency helps brands navigate the complexities that define communications today to drive business success and growth. V2’s skilled professionals combine a business mindset and creative thinking to provide the strategic counsel, campaign ideas, and results that move businesses forward. V2 works with a broad spectrum of clients from technology, cleantech and energy innovators to healthcare disruptors—and 85% of business consists of repeat clients and referrals. For more information, visit v2comms.com and follow the company on LinkedIn

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