Innovative Watch Creators, Eone, Chooses 5WPR as its AOR

by | Apr 22, 2019

5W Public Relations, one of the 15 largest independently-owned PR firms in the U.S., announced that it has been named PR Agency of Record for Eone, a leading timepiece innovation company. With the addition of Eone, 5W continues to expand in the luxury goods space, onboarding an industry leading brand that has the ability to develop sleek designs while creating timepieces for all—including people with vision impairments.

Eone was created by Founder, Hyungsoo Kim, a graduate of MIT, whose mission was to solve a problem: to tell time, people who are blind previously had to choose between intrusive talking watches, or fragile tactile watches. Kim, who collaborated with designers and persons with vision impairment, developed a watch that everyone—sighted or blind—can enjoy called the Bradley timepiece, named after former naval officer Bradley Snyder, who became blind diffusing bombs in Afghanistan.

“Year-over-year, we continue to represent brands that truly make a difference in the world, and the work of Eone is not only beautiful, it’s incredibly inspiring,” said 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian. “Eone’s inclusive design proves that time is not a luxury; now anyone can not only wear, but use a sleek and modernized watch.”

The Bradley timepiece features raised hour markers that allow you to feel the time by touch: a triangular marker for twelve, elongated line segments for three, six, and nine, and shorter line segments for the other markers. Two magnetized ball bearings travel around the watch face in separate, recessed tracks: one track around the center of the watch face’s surface for the minute, and one track around the outside edge of the watch face for the hour.

5WPR has well-rounded and extensive experience in the consumer luxury space that elicits the development and implementation of strategic media relations. Likewise, a broad array of knowledge in the industry that allows for effective story telling that moves the dial for clients.

“5W has this unique understanding of what it takes to really bring their clients to the next level,” said Eone Co-Founder Tim Fleschner. “We knew that with the strategy and execution of the 5W team, the industry would soon know us as industry leaders.”

5W’s Consumer Luxury practice is led by employees with over 15 years combined experience in the space, creating the perfect combination of true professionals with unparalleled techniques to drive results for clients through key industry relationships with influencers, bloggers, celebrities and of course, media; likewise, ensuring maximum coverage by implementing integrated campaigns including PR, Digital, Influencer Partnerships and Social Media.

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