PAN Communications Addresses Recurring Business Pain Points with New Content Hub

by | Jun 29, 2022

PAN Communications, a leading integrated marketing and PR firm for B2B tech and healthcare brands, announces the launch of the Core Content Hub to provide comprehensive support to businesses in their marketing efforts in the second half of the year.

As experts anticipate some economic downturn and market slowdown, marketing teams will feel pressure to continue generating awareness and prospects for the business. With the Core Content Hub, PAN seeks to guide marketers through a challenging landscape by focusing on core efforts. Businesses have faced turbulent periods in the past, and while this phase will be familiar in many ways, it will also be distinct.

“Marketers have a key seat at the table and the last thing any team should do is pull back and disappear,” said PAN chief marketing officer Mark Nardone. “Reputation matters, visibility is critical, employee communication and retention are essential, and customer experience is the name of the game. It’s time — again — to step up to the plate and communicate with trust and conviction.”

The Core Content Hub features four proprietary guides that reflect the cornerstones of marketing and address the recurring pain points that plague even the best teams.

Building a Thought Leadership Program to Drive Value and Trust helps brands use content to establish authority in their industry and set a tone for the business.

Managing the Empowered Customer: How to Build a Voice of the Customer Program that Fits into Your Marketing Formula supports brands in making customer advocacy a top priority during periods of turbulence when communicating with audiences.

How to Build a Successful Lead Generation Strategy Working With Your PR Agency helps ensure integrated marketing & PR efforts are closely aligned to continue supporting the sales funnel.

How Strategic Storytelling Can Prepare Brands for Any Moment helps brands use data insights and strategy to clarify brand message and positioning.

As a leader in the integrated marketing and PR space, PAN will continue to evaluate the market landscape and provide support to brands and marketing teams alike as needed.

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