The PHA Group ties the knot with online divorce service amicable 

by | Nov 2, 2020

amicable, the lawyer-free digital divorce service, has appointed leading PR agency The PHA Group with a brief that aims to build consumer awareness of its collaborative approach to separation and challenge the long-held notion that divorce is fundamentally acrimonious.

The PHA Group’s Entrepreneurs and Business division will be raising awareness of amicable’s unique online service during a period of high growth for the company, as well as running a profiling campaign to highlight co-founders Kate Daly and Pip Wilson’s business success story.

With a background in psychology, Kate worked alongside family lawyers for many years before joining forces with friend and tech entrepreneur, Pip Wilson, in 2015 to launch amicable. After her own “train-wreck divorce” cost her more than £80,000 in legal fees, Kate realised there was a better way.

amicable removes lawyers from the divorce process and democratises the experience by working with both spouses together to help them navigate the emotional, logistical and legal journey of parting ways. The team of specialised divorce coaches helps each partner focus on the goals for the future rather than getting stuck on what they are ‘entitled’ to. It is a fully online service, which uses advanced technology and automation to provide a more efficient and affordable solution. Since 2015, amicable has helped thousands of people untie the knot without the acrimony – and for a flat fee, making divorce up to ten times cheaper than using a lawyer.

The account win comes ahead of ‘no fault divorce’ coming into effect in 2021. No fault divorce is the largest reform to divorce law in more than fifty years, and these amendments will allow couples to have kinder, more amicable divorces by removing the need to cite fault for the marriage breakdown. amicable has been a vocal advocator for this reform, and has championed collaborative, co-operative divorces over the last five years.

amicable is particularly focused on the benefits of cordial divorces for children, helping parents lay the groundwork for the transition from couple to co-parents during the process. Earlier this year, the business raised £488,000 in funding to diversify its services to support co-habiting couples and those managing the transition from parents to co-parents.

Commenting on the appointment, Pip Wilson, co-founder of amicable, says: “Over the last five years, we’ve helped thousands of people divorce in a better, kinder way. With no fault divorce set to come into effect next year, more and more Brits will look to separate on good terms, and we’re perfectly poised to help couples on this journey.

“We’re thrilled to be working with The PHA Group’s Entrepreneurs and Business team to elevate our brand presence further, raising awareness of the different options available to couples seeking a divorce aside from the tradition lawyer versus lawyer approach.”

Mimi Brown, Head of Entrepreneurs and Business at The PHA Group comments: “2021 is a pivotal time for Pip, Kate and their team of divorce coaches. We’re working to profile their views across national, regional and consumer media, with a focus on thought leadership, personal profiling, and advice-led content in the lead up to ‘No Fault Divorce’ coming into place.

“As a business that has pioneered positive change in a sector that has remained largely undisrupted, amicable is a brilliant fit for the Entrepreneurs & Business team with our focus on purpose-led and issues-driven campaigns. amicable is a team delivering a service that will positively impact the lives of many people across the nation. We look forward to raising awareness of the business’ core mission and ethos as we seek to balance the narrative of divorce in Britain.”

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