Agility PR Solutions Coronavirus Statement

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Company News

With COVID-19 top of mind for everyone, I wanted to take a moment to reach out and inform you of the steps we are taking at Agility PR Solutions to continue to support our clients and protect our staff through this time. Delivering the same high levels of service and support that Agility clients and partners have come to expect remains our highest priority – so too, is ensuring the health and safety of our global workforce.

We have always maintained a strong business continuity plan, which has now been deployed. We have seamlessly transitioned our global workforce to working remotely, in an effort to reduce the burden on our teams and limit the movement of people in our communities. Plus, as is our normal course of business, support and flexible arrangements are in place for employees impacted by personal or family sickness.

Our technology centers are unaffected and will continue normal operations. Our support, media intelligence, and database research teams are now working remotely and will continue to operate at normal capacity.

No disruption to any Agility solution is anticipated. All users can continue to identify and target key audiences with their crucial messaging, as well as to create, distribute, monitor, and analyze media coverage as usual.

As previously announced, we’re making a daily media update on Covid-19 available to all Agility clients. We hope that our platform assists you to stay on top of the latest news and make timely decisions for your business. In critical times like these, our hope is that Agility can help alleviate strain on your organization and contribute to the well-being of our teams, together.

Martin Lyster

Martin Lyster
Martin Lyster took the reins as CEO of Agility PR Solutions in 2016. With over 20–years of experience in technology and operations, and as a founding member and Chief Operations Officer at MediaMiser (now Agility PR Solutions) since 2003, Martin brings extensive PR technology experience to his role as CEO. He is a father of four and enjoys travelling back to Australia to visit family and stay in touch with his roots.