3 tips for brands managing multiple social media accounts

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Public Relations

You’ve probably heard that having accounts across multiple social media platforms increases brand awareness and helps you reach a wider audience. But no one tells you how daunting it can be to manage social media accounts simultaneously.

Juggling Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and X is not easy. It involves continuous content creation and managing audience interactions across different social channels.

However, with the right tips, social account management becomes a breeze.

In this guide, you’ll learn tips to help you manage social media accounts seamlessly and get the best results. Let’s dive right in.

1. Plan and organize

Each social network has its strengths. For instance, LinkedIn is ideal for professional networking, while Instagram is best used for showcasing creative visuals and storytelling. Twitter might be useful for quick updates and customer service, while Facebook and TikTok could be used for community-building and engagement.

Understanding these nuances will help you tailor your social media marketing strategy for each channel and target audience. This should help you use these social media networks more efficiently and grow your business.

Once you understand the strengths of each platform, you can identify what needs to be done on the separate accounts. You might need to craft social media posts promoting relevant content on your site or publish user-generated content or common video types. Or, if you want your audience to take a desired action, you might need to use tools like Instapage or other alternatives to Instapage to create high-converting landing pages for your social media campaigns. 

If you have a small marketing budget, you can create a social media calendar manually to organize your social media activity months ahead. Social media marketers and content creators use it to plan and schedule posts, among others.

See below how social media managers can use a publishing calendar to streamline their entire team’s content workflow:

3 tips for brands managing multiple social media accounts


Remember that an editorial calendar is not set in stone. So, review your social media goals regularly to know what’s working and what needs to be improved. Then, update and adapt your calendar accordingly.

2. Use social media management tools

We talked about how a social media content calendar can help you plan and organize your social media activities. But a manual calendar can only do so much. You’d still need to go to each of your platforms and hit that Publish button to get your content out there. Besides, manual calendars can’t really give you insights into your social media performance. 

So, if you have a bigger budget, invest in a social media management platform.

Social media management software like Zoho Social allows you to manage your social media activities from a single dashboard. It offers features to help you plan your social media content and allows automatic bulk publishing of content pieces on the day you set. With it, you can also schedule multiple posts in one sitting, ensuring a consistent posting schedule. 

3 tips for brands managing multiple social media accounts


These social media marketing tools also come with advanced analytics features that help content managers determine their engaged followers’ peak hours and the best time for posting. They can also give social media reports on audience demographics, location, activity habits, Instagram likes, Facebook comments, and top-performing posts. With them, you can, therefore, easily tailor your content strategy to ensure maximum engagement by social media users.

But don’t just settle for any social media management tool that comes your way. Analyze your needs and business goals to ensure you pick the right tool to enhance your social media efforts. 

3. Engage your audience

Let’s say you’ve planned your content using a manual content calendar or a social media management tool. Congratulations! However, your job doesn’t end there. If you want to yield the best social media marketing results, when managing multiple social profiles, you need to be proactive and engage with your audience. Every brand mention, direct message, or content interaction is an opportunity to build relationships and protect your brand reputation. It’s even a chance to generate conversions.

If you’re using a social media management tool, you can set up notification alerts for each social media account. This way, you’ll receive real-time updates whenever your brand is mentioned, has incoming messages, or when someone interacts with your posts. Alternatively, you can use social listening tools.

When you get a notification, here are strategies to engage your audience effectively:

  • Respond promptly to social media comments or direct messages. It shows you value your audience’s opinions and are committed to providing excellent social media customer care. 
  • Maintain a professional and empathetic tone, even when dealing with difficult or irate customers.
  • Use your brand’s tone of voice. Don’t use a formal tone if you’re a fun brand or use a fun tone if you’re a more serious brand that wants to establish authority. You’ll only end up confusing your customers.

Remember, social media is a two-way street. Don’t just wait for your followers to initiate conversations. Regularly reach out by posting thought-provoking audience questions, conducting polls, or starting live sessions, among others, as well. 

In closing

Social media marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy. However, you must follow essential tips to manage social media accounts effectively and get the most of your social media strategy.

Create a well-organized content plan. If your marketing budget is big enough, you can leverage social media management tools to streamline your posts across different social media channels. With them, you can also analyze your campaigns for optimization. As a final tip, when managing multiple social media accounts, engage your audience to ensure the best marketing results.

Remember there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy to managing your social media profiles. Just be present, engage with your audience, and gain insights through social media monitoring. Then tweak your overall strategy to enhance your marketing efforts. Good luck!

Nico Prins
Nico Prins is the founder of a Crunch Marketing, a SaaS link building agency. The company works with enterprise SaaS clients, helping them scale lead generation globally across EMEA, APAC, and other regions.


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