4 reasons why influencer marketing is a must-have strategy today

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations

With influencer marketing, your brand focuses on using influential social media users to deliver your messages to an engaged, relevant audience.

Influencers combine online campaigns, exclusive content, and user-generated content to market your brand and increase its visibility, reach, engagement, and revenue.

Influencers have loyal followings and an established authority in a particular niche. Influencers also have deeper connections with their audience and can influence them to take action.

But why should your brand consider partnering with them?

Because influencer marketing provides multiple benefits to brands.

Such as?

1. It builds brand awareness

Influencers help you get your business in front of your ideal audience. They create messaging that tells new communities about your products and their benefits.

And guess what?

Since they have earned user trust, they can convince users to trust your brand too. And when you become a trusted brand, it’s easier for you to attract more potential customers.

Additionally, if the influencer’s audience reshares the content created for your brand, they help boost your reach and hence, continue getting your brand in front of new audiences.

2. It boosts sales

According to research, influencers not only help raise awareness but can also drive purchases. 80 percent of consumers purchase by clicking on an influencer’s promotional link.

You can, therefore, get more people to purchase your products by working with the right influencers.

But how?

Serious influencers have a loyal audience who blindly trust what they recommend. They are more than likely to check out your brand (and perhaps buy from you) when their influencer tells them to.

Sometimes, influencers share exclusive discount codes with their followers to sweeten the deal. When that happens, people have an even bigger incentive to click the “Buy” button.

3. It grows your content arsenal

Influencers are experts at creating content that drives engagement and action. And by working with them, you can get your hands-on content that is not only of superior quality but also tailored to your brand voice.

You can simply repurpose influencer-generated content and use it for promotion and brand awareness.

Best of all?

When influencers create content for your brand, they bring in a diversity your target audience will appreciate. Their unique voice and style can help transform your brand image.

4. It boosts SEO

Optimizing the content for search engines and audiences is key to improving rankings.

If you collaborate with an influencer who owns an authoritative site, or creates content for big industry publications, you boost your rank big time.

Niche influencers can boost your SEO efforts by creating relevant and valuable content that points to your site.

Most importantly, since their target audience trusts their content, they are bound to land on your website sooner or later. That’s a low-cost strategy to boost organic traffic and SEO.

Want to know more of the benefits you can get from influencer marketing? Read below infographic created by Americanoize.

4 reasons why influencer marketing is a must-have strategy today

Andrea Angioli
Andrea Angioli is CEO at AMERICANOIZE LLC and Founder PrimopianoTv Florida Inc. He is also a photography producer. He manages over 10 international photographers and works with celebrities for international magazines.


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