5 ways to power up your social video

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Public Relations, Social Media

After analyzing more than 50,000 original social-first videos articles on its social channels, social entertainment publisher Diply, which targets millennial women, recently released a report that shines a spotlight on social video’s growing relevance—and highlights the five most important principles to optimize social video efforts.

“Every marketer that cares about authentically engaging millennials needs social video as an integral part of their media mix,” said Dan Lagani, Diply president and chief revenue officer, in a news release. “It’s essential for brands to understand that social video is a new and distinctly different medium with its own rules around storytelling, production, and distribution.”

5 ways to power up your social video

“Through the lens of more than 1,250 original videos and articles published monthly to our social channels—generating nearly 1.5 billion video views and over 5 billion consumer impressions globally—this report gets to the heart of what matters most for brands to win on social, Lagani added.

The report, 5 Ways to Power Up Your Social Video, asserts that reaching today’s internet-enabled generations demands a deep understanding of social platforms, mobile usage, and video consumption, and it addresses the disruption of the new consumer video experience that is social video. The report breaks down the fundamentals of social video and covers:

  • The massive secular changes around social, mobile, and video.
  • The power of social video as the primary vehicle to interact and engage with millennials at scale.
  • The art and science of content creation, asset testing, and social dissemination.
  • The components that determine social video success.

Download the report here.

5 ways to power up your social video

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