6 types of brand ambassadors for your business

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Public Relations

When marketing a product or service, the good word of an influential person can make all the difference. That’s why every business can benefit from brand ambassadors—third-party individuals who represent and promote your company or your products or services. 

When it comes to types of brand ambassadors, there are different ambassadors who meet different needs of a business. Maybe you want a local celebrity who resonates with your customers at home. Or maybe you need a popular Instagrammer who can reach an international audience.

The role of a brand ambassador

Engaging and empowering brand ambassadors is a popular marketing strategy for improving brand awareness and sales. Types of brand ambassadors range from everyday consumers who are passionate about a product to high-profile personalities and celebrities hired for promotional purposes.

Businesses might reach out to influencers or celebrities to negotiate a brand ambassador deal. Or they might invite customers or employees to apply for an ambassador role, for which they may use application tracking software to manage.

6 types of brand ambassadors for your business

The duties of a brand ambassador can vary. They could include:

  • Wearing or using the product in public or on social media
  • Posting about the brand on social media platforms
  • Attending events on behalf of the brand
  • Chatting, in person or virtually, with potential customers and answering questions about the product
  • Providing feedback to the company about reactions and perceptions amongst followers or fans

All types of brand ambassadors are expected to embody the corporate image in appearance, demeanor, values, and ethics. They act as a bridge between the brand and its customers or audience.

6 types of brand ambassadors—and how to choose one

1. Celebrity ambassadors

Businesses often look to celebrities as potential brand ambassadors. Their endorsement can give a significant boost to brand recognition. Whether it’s a film star or a sports icon, a celebrity can be a great influence on your target audience.

Example: Jennifer Aniston has been the face of Aveeno Skin Care for years. You might have seen her in Aveeno’s commercials. She often describes Aveeno as her “favorite” skincare brand. putting the company in a positive light.

How to choose: Identify celebrities whose personal brand aligns with your brand values. Ensure that they have a good public image and that their followers match your target audience. A celebrity whose image relates to skincare isn’t necessarily the best advocate of remote desktop manager software.

2. Social media influencers

These are people with a large follower base on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Influencer marketing is when businesses work with influencers who can use their popularity to sway their audience’s purchasing decisions.

6 types of brand ambassadors for your business

Image sourced from influencermarketinghub.com

Example: Chiara Ferragni is an Italian fashion blogger and influencer. She’s collaborated with several high-end brands, from Dior to Louis Vuitton. Ferragni has style and a huge follower base, both of which make her a great ambassador for these brands.

How to choose: Look for influencers whose content aligns with your brand’s theme. Assess their engagement rates and social media posts, not just Instagram follower counts. Ensure their audience demographics match your target market.

3. Bloggers and vloggers

These niche authorities have a dedicated audience that regularly reads or watches their content. A typical role they might play is producing detailed reviews. Or they might produce tutorials about your product.

Example: Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) reviews tech products on his popular YouTube channel. Due to his detailed and insightful reviews, brands often send him products or product samples for early reviews.

How to choose: Identify those who cater to your industry or niche. Ensure they produce high-quality, authentic content. Check they can provide positive reviews. It’s a good idea to make a connection by chatting with them over cloud call. A genuine and honest review from them can lead to increased trust in your brand.

4. Customer advocates

Sometimes, the people already buying your product are the best informal ambassadors for it. The endorsements of loyal customers are genuine and often trusted by potential customers. People love getting word-of-mouth marketing, and customer advocates provide a version of this but to a wider audience.

6 types of brand ambassadors for your business

Image sourced from referralcandy.com

Example: GoPro frequently shares user-generated content on their social media. Real users capture exciting videos using GoPro cameras. The best ones get featured, serving as testimonials to the camera’s capabilities.

How to choose: Monitor social media channels and mentions and reviews to identify satisfied customers. You should chat with your customer ambassadors on a regular basis and consider offering incentives.

5. Employees as brand ambassadors

Your employees are some of the top promoters of your brand. Their inside perspective can offer authenticity and trustworthiness to potential customers.

Example: At Salesforce, employees are encouraged to use the hashtag #SalesforceOhana (Ohana means family in Hawaiian) on social media to showcase their experiences, celebrations, and milestones at the company

How to choose: Train and motivate employees about the importance of personal branding. Offer incentives for them to share positive experiences and company achievements. Incorporate this into your hiring process, especially if you need to do high volume recruitment. It pays to communicate positivity about your company to large numbers of onboarders—it’s great to have such a large influx of enthusiasm.

6. Local personalities or community leaders

In some businesses, especially local businesses, community figures are great ambassadors. Their endorsement can carry weight within the community.

Example: In Austin, Texas, Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue is a well-known figure in the barbecue community. His endorsement of local products or appearances at community events carries significant weight. Consequently, he has partnered extensively with local businesses and events.

How to choose: Identify local personalities who resonate with your brand’s values. Look for someone with a good reputation within your community as well as popularity and instant name recognition.

Finding the perfect types of brand ambassadors for your business

The types of brand ambassadors you choose should reflect your business’s brand values. Make sure you communicate your expectations and compensation clearly. Continually monitor and measure the impact of your brand ambassador’s efforts.

Remember, the ideal brand ambassador can vary based on the nature of your business and your customer base. Make sure to do thorough research before finalizing any brand ambassador partnership. This way, you can be sure to choose the best representative for your business.

Tommy Lai
Tommy Lai is the Global Marketing Director at Oleeo. He has over 20 years of marketing experience in scale-up and strategic growth environments, and several years of experience in the HCM tech industry. He is a strong advocate of using technology to automate manual processes and workflows in HCM, freeing up employees to focus on more strategic and value-added work. He is also passionate about enabling Diverse teams to achieve their business, professional, and personal goals. Outside of work, Tommy enjoys short distance running and watching grassroots and Premier League football. Connect with Tommy on LinkedIn.


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