AI-powered SEO strategies to promote in the data industry

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Marketing, Public Relations

The data industry encompasses a wide range of tasks, works, and specialties related to analyzing large amounts of information. It uses quantitative methods to highlight patterns, predict future events, and choose optimal development strategies. 

The data industry is at the cutting edge of technological advancement. AI is used to process vast amounts of information, find unconventional methods of problem-solving, and automate complicated processes. 

While becoming increasingly important to people’s lives, the data industry is becoming less autonomous. Businesses that work in this sphere need technical support and promotion. In today’s article, we will focus on the latter aspect by talking about AI-powered SEO strategies. 

They help to automate most marketing tasks. With them, you will spend less time and effort on SEO, generating more leads and higher revenue. They allow you to focus on your company’s key objectives. Let’s dive into this topic by discussing AI techniques in SEO. 

AI-powered SEO strategies to promote in the data industry

AI in keyword research

Finding the most popular queries based on a seed phrase is a task that traditional algorithms can handle. AI comes to your rescue when you need to prioritize your optimization efforts. AI-powered SEO software evaluates the absolute and relative difficulty of promotion for a certain keyword. The former difficulty only takes into account the level of competition, while the latter adds the difference in domain authority between your company and other players in the market into the equation. Thanks to this, newcomers can find their target audience even in the most competitive industries. 

AI can also be used to analyze trends. It can predict which keywords will be popular in the near future, which ones will become a thing of the past, and which ones will become too difficult to optimize. By staying a few steps ahead of your competitors, you will spend fewer resources and get better results. 

Another area of AI application is the generation of low-frequency long-tail queries. Machine learning technologies allow you to mimic the behavior of a real person. They will tell you which narrow niches you can occupy here and now without facing serious competition. 

AI in content creation

Generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) have become an integral part of the content marketing and SEO strategies of many successful companies. They work dozens of times faster than copywriters, creating texts of thousands of words in a matter of minutes. Of course, their creations require checking and editing. However, if you formulate your queries correctly, you will still spend less time. It’s especially important for technically complex industries like the data industry, where it’s very difficult to find a professional copywriter. 

AI doesn’t just create high-quality content. It can automatically add keywords chosen during topic research. Moreover, many modern tools can generate drafts of articles, selecting titles, structure, meta tags, and other important elements for them. 

The use of AI may become a prerequisite for online business promotion in the near future. Search engines are becoming less focused on keywords and other technical details and more focused on user experience. It is becoming difficult to adjust to their algorithms, so the only way out is to use machine learning technology in one form or another. 

AI is also capable of optimizing existing content in the following ways:

  • Adding keywords and related queries;
  • Adding an introduction, conclusion, or call to action;
  • Improving structure and micro-markup;
  • Choosing the best tone of voice for a particular audience;
  • Checking the text for grammatical, stylistic, and punctuation errors. 

Not to forget that generative models also help you promote your business on social media. They create high-quality posts and even select thematic images. 

AI in link building

Website authority is especially important in scientific industries, including the data industry. AI can help you build backlinks in no time. It is capable of analyzing competitors’ link-building strategies in a matter of seconds. As a result, you get a list of authoritative domains not yet covered by your marketing campaign.

Intelligent services help avoid penalties for low-quality content, spammy links, and the use of suspicious sites. Machine learning technology makes it possible to accurately determine the subject matter of each site and assess the effectiveness of posting materials on its web pages. 

Private blog networks (PBNs) were considered one of the most effective link-building techniques in the past. Today, they are considered prohibited black-hat SEO tactics. However, AI gives you a legitimate alternative. It can quickly generate high-quality texts that meet the requirements of search engines and get high rankings. Thanks to this, you can maximally automate your work — you only have to coordinate the choice of sites for posting such materials. 

Another interesting area of AI application in link building is outreach. To establish cooperation with bloggers and influencers, you often have to send out hundreds or even thousands of messages. Generative models allow you to automate this process and personalize the appeal. Using them significantly increases the likelihood of guest posting on favorable terms. In addition, they bring tangible benefits for long-term PR strategies

AI in technical SEO

This aspect of promotion alone doesn’t give you a competitive advantage. However, it serves as a launching pad for all other elements of SEO strategy. Only technically sound sites that are free of errors can reach the top. 

The audit of large resources with hundreds of pages is not an easy task. AI comes to the rescue. It can detect many errors:

  • Incorrect or missing meta tags;
  • Wrong page structure;
  • Lack of internal linking;
  • 404 errors;
  • Exceeding the allowable content load time. 

Intelligent tools don’t just make up a list of errors. They categorize them into several groups, focusing on the urgency and significance of the problem. Advanced programs even give you recommendations on how to eliminate errors. All this allows you to optimize the technical base of the site on your own, without involving additional specialists and without bloating the staff of the IT service of the company. 


The data industry is one of the most dynamic branches of information technology. Competition in it is growing every day. Therefore, the company’s success directly depends on the introduction of new technologies and adaptation to new conditions. 

This applies to both data research and business promotion. By adopting AI, you can increase the efficiency of your SEO strategy many times over. It will help you research keywords, generate quality content, build backlinks, and optimize the technical platform of the site. 

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