Applying for Industry PR Awards: As Told by Michael Scott

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Public Relations

Whether you’re applying for the Bulldog PR Awards or any other industry PR award, who best to join us on the ups and downs of the journey than the man with the comment and facial expression for EVERY occasion. The one and only, Michael Scott.

Funding your applications
Manager: Ya if ALL the industry awards this year could be covered by your budget that’d be greeeaaattt…


Deciding to go for it
Ok so it turns out you were being a bit dramatic. The awards are totally financially viable and pay off in spades, plus it would appear you get discounts for multiple entries. You’ve done some brainstorming and you’ve got a real winning chance! Things look good to go!

Image result for Happy The Office gif

Trying to figure it all out
Wait. Do I follow the judging criteria or the judging rubric? Are those the same thing? Does this apply to all my entries? Can I save my entry?! Do I pay now?! DOES ALL OF THIS NEED TO BE DONE AT THE SAME TIME?!

Image result for I Understand nothing the office gif

Assembling the team
Quick call made, answers in hand, submission instructions on lock. Almost ready to go. Now you just need to assemble a crack team to put together the best application this world has ever seen. And you know just the people to help…

Waiting for people to send you the info you need
When your co-workers enthusiastically agreed to help and you’re still waiting for their application pieces 2 weeks later

Writer’s block
Ok, you’ve got all the pieces, now it’s up to you to work your magic and put it all together. Too bad your brain be like:

And then two hours later…

Getting in the zone
How could you have ever doubted yourself

Image result for I'm beyonce the office gif

Realizing the payment deadline ends…in an hour

Nearing the finish line
But it’s all good ‘cuz the end is in sight!

Image result for The office happy gif

Hitting submit
You did it ladies and gentlemen

Image result for the office dancing gif

That moment when you realize all your hard work paid off

Congratulations for making it through the journey that is PR industry awards!

As per usual, it was completely worth it. Now go enjoy your office dance party (or solo dance party. Whatever works).



P.S. When your award helps bring in some business
The good feels just keep on rollin’: It’s only been a few weeks, and already, your award is getting some attention and bringing in some bites…




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