As brand reputation becomes a top determinant of success, new reputation rankings and analysis from RepTrak take on more significance

by | Apr 23, 2024 | Public Relations

Brand reputation has always been a critical factor for success, but it’s a different world these days for consumer-facing businesses—and a great reputation may be the most precious asset you can have. Intertwined with other hard-won measures like trust and loyalty, the perception of your brand—certainly on social media and other digital arbiters of influence like review sites, but also in media coverage and even across the backyard fence—is a leading measure among the most important determinants of your success. And that’s why you want to be found on the iconic Global RepTrak 100.

The Top 50 brands in this year’s rankings:

brand reputation

The 2024 rankings from reputation data and insights firm the RepTrak Company, based on data from its advanced reputation monitoring software of more than 243,000 survey responses across 14 major economies to rank the world’s 100 most reputable companies, accompany a full analysis of global corporate reputation trends and corresponding public sentiment.

Every major reputation driver and outcome is on the rise:

brand reputation

After two years of consecutive reputation score declines, this year’s score is back up with an increase from 73.2 in 2023 to 73.8 in 2024.

brand reputationIt’s a small increase after 2023’s full one-point drop, but it’s an encouraging sign that companies have begun to recover from reputation falls driven by many challenges, including macroeconomic issues, workplace difficulties, product problems, and corporate responsibility skepticism.

The report explores how people thought, felt, and acted toward companies over the past year. Findings include notable increases in conduct and citizenship efforts, stakeholders’ rising willingness to invest, culturally resonant brand communications, and ESG scores that soared despite skepticism around the terminology.

“This year’s report underscores a pivotal shift in the corporate landscape, spotlighting the remarkable adaptability and dedication of the Top 100 companies in responding to the dynamic needs of stakeholders,” said RepTrak CEO Mark Sonders, in a news release. “The companies featured in our report are not just riding the wave of change; they are the ones steering it—proving that the best approach to business is one that embraces evolution and champions progress.”

Download the full report here.

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