Marketing trends: A beginner’s guide to programmatic advertising

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Marketing, Public Relations

In a world dominated by technology, the way we advertise regularly changes as technology continues to evolve. One of our previous blogs mentions that people trust other consumers more than they trust direct brand advertisements. This means advertisers must personalize a brand’s message to make ads stand out.

While you may already be running ads on Facebook and Google, programmatic advertising offers an effective and streamlined process to enhance your advertising efforts and strategy.

Programmatic advertising creates a scale of impressions and engagement that drives ROI. It has become more sophisticated over the years and has helped simplify the process of buying digital ad space for advertisers.

What is programmatic advertising?

Put simply, programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. This can apply to anything from display to digital out of home and television. Brands and agencies use a demand side platform (DSP) to decide which impressions to buy while publishers use a supply side platform (SSP) to sell ad space.

These two platforms are then matched up in real-time using available data and technology to deliver to the consumer. In addition, the programmatic algorithm helps place money in areas where it will best be spent using information that is gathered before and after campaign launch as well as key performance indicators.

There are a couple of things advertisers should take into consideration before buying ad space. Marketers have to think about what audience they are trying to reach, on what scale and which devices to target. At Noisy Trumpet, we analyze data to determine premium ad placement and delivery to drive conversions that make sense for your brand. We also monitor your digital campaign’s ad spend and performance to look for areas of improvement.

Programmatic advertising guarantees impressions so your brand’s message will reach people wherever they are across multiple publishers or media owners.

What’s next?

Most brands have added programmatic advertising to their mix as part of their overall marketing strategy. It is arguably, the most important trend in advertising today and demand only continues to increase. It is reshaping the way marketers choose to advertise in the digital marketing world.

In 2018, $46 billion in ad dollars was spent through programmatic. By 2020, “86.2% of all digital display ads will be bought via automated channels” according to eMarketer. Programmatic ads provide a wide reach (including the Google platform) and more transparency than other platforms do. Are you ready to engage with your audience and take your brand to the next level?

This article originally appeared on the Noisy Trumpet blog; reprinted with permission.

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