You won! Now what? 6 ways to leverage your award

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Public Relations

Like all good PR companies, you have been submitting some of your great campaigns and winning awards, right?

Award wins are great for any kind of company but if you’re a PR firm, you know exactly what to do with this new accomplishment.


If not, here are some great ways to maximize your win and let everyone know:

  • Social media: Share the award recognition across your social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. If there was an award gala, include photos of the event and your team. If not, take photos at the office with the team holding the award. Make sure you include any relevant industry, award or the campaign hashtags and tag anybody involved so they can share the news as well.
  • Email signature: Add the award logo and award name to your email signature and social media profiles.
  • Marketing materials: Make sure all of your marketing materials like brochures, media kits, etc. include the new award logo. Add it to your boilerplate if the award it significant. You might want to have event/conference signage show off your win.
  • Press release: Tell the world! In order to garner additional SEO, send out a press release to update your customers and journalists. Include quotes in your release and if you can get a quote from a third party, that would be the icing on the cake!
  • Website: Don’t forget to add the award logo to your site…preferably on your homepage or dedicated awards page. With a page entirely devoted to awards, include photos and client mentions. The benefit, of course, is that you can promote work you have done for existing clients who will love the extra attention and any potential clients will see that you respect and support your client roster. If you have a blog make sure you highlight the award and send it out to all of your contacts.
  • Monitor media: Track your traditional, digital and social media mentions to see which outlets are publishing news about your award win. Make a list of all the stories and make sure to add them to the “in the news” (or equivalent) section of your website. Not only is this great for your website’s SEO, but it’s another level of visibility for your award win.

Now you are armed with all the info, go out there and share the news about your success!

You won! Now what? Six ways to leverage your award

Whitney Zelmer
Whitney Zelmer is a content marketer and events coordinator. In her free time, she is an encaustic/mixed media artist.


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