I “SPY” a great movie: Twitter love is no secret, matches other intelligence

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Social Media

Every summer is chock full of blockbuster movies, and perhaps the best one this year is flying a bit under a public radar dominated by action hits like Jurassic World and Ant-Man.

But since its release last month, the comedy SPY has been cleaning up on Twitter based on our quick analysis using MediaMiser. With an all-star cast featuring Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and Jason Statham (playing a caricature of his own past characters), this movie is blowing away both comedy and spy movie lovers.

In our sample of tweets mentioning #Spymovie from the past few weeks, 84 per cent were positive or very positive toward the film with several tweets exclaiming that it was the “best movie of the year.”

The remaining 16 per cent of tweets were neutral and mostly consisted of retweets of Melissa McCarthy’s status updates or news-related items.

Rotten Tomatoes agrees with 95% positive reviews from reviewers, with an 83 per cent audience score. IMBD currently rates SPY at 7.4/10, so Twitter sentiment is right on target.

Personally I couldn’t agree more, after watching it last week in theatre I couldn’t stop laughing.  I thought the writing and casting were rare genius, with phenomenal chemistry between McCarthy and Law.

You may want to check it out before this movie self-destructs. Or maybe wait until it comes out on DVD, and save your cinema cash for when SPY 2 no doubt comes out.


Gareth Davies


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