Top Twitter influencers of February’s Social Media Week: #SMW15

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Events, Social Media

Representing Bangalore, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Jakarta, Lagos, Milan and New York, this year’s first Social Media Week took Twitter by storm from February 23 to 28, 2015. Social Media Week is a news platform and worldwide conference that discusses—and shares insights on—how social media and technology affect global business, society and culture.

Using MediaMiser’s analytics SaaS, we monitored #SMW15 throughout the conference to determine who, and what, had the most Twitter influence during the week-long event.

After analyzing over 28,000 tweets, we’ve sorted our findings into the following categories: Influence by number of tweets, influence by retweet ratio, and the top mentioned hashtags of the conference.

Top influencers by number of tweets:Top Users by Postings

Top influencers by retweet ratio (original tweets to retweets):

Most mentioned hashtags:Most Mentioned Hashtags

      • #SMWBangalore (15295)


  • #smwnyc (3023)



  • #DellAtSMWBangalore (2516)



  • #TrueWanderer (2089)



  • #rideready (2081)



  • #socialmedia (2013)



  • #SMWmilan (1787)



  • #SMWJakarta (1473)



  • #SMWLagos (842)



  • #IntelAtSMWBangalore (692)



We’d like to hear about some of your favourite moments of February’s Social Media Week. Let us know in the comments below.

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