Top Twitter influencers of #PRSAICON: Day 2

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Analysis, Events, Twitter

Continuing to be an amazing experience, Day 2 of PRSA 2015 International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia was filled with lots of fun, insights and newly acquired knowledge!

That being said, Monday, November 9 of #PRSAICON received more than 6,500 Twitter mentions—roughly 2,500 more than November 8! With everyone ramping up their Twitter game on Day 2, who were the top influencers? And what was being talked about the most?

Check below to see if you or your company made the list:

Top influencers by number of tweets


Top influencers by the number of times they’ve been retweeted


Top mentioned hashtags (with #PRSAICON)



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Sara Chisholm