3 creative tips for optimizing PR campaigns using sales data

by | Sep 7, 2023 | Public Relations

Are you ready to uplevel your next PR campaign? Then you need to know how to use sales data to promote a healthy ROI and profit margin. 

Sales data holds immense potential for optimizing PR campaigns, elevating their impact, and delivering results that drive business growth. When businesses harness this data, PR professionals can tailor messages, track customer trends, and leverage high-performing channels to respond to the market accordingly.

If you’re ready to apply sales data to optimize your PR campaigns, keep reading. In this article, you’ll discover three creative, yet simple PR campaign optimization tips. Let’s take a look!

1. Audit your sales performance data

Before you can optimize your PR campaigns, you need to set aside time to dig into your past sales results. 

Here’s how:

  • Review your sales data: Examine your annual reports, customer tickets, sales inquiries, previous sales campaigns, and closed deals for key insights.
  • Identify successful patterns: Note your top wins, CTAs that worked, and customer preferences, such as the specific products they enjoyed buying and ideal messaging examples.
  • Identify bad-fit vs. good-fit customers: Understand the top qualities that differentiate your “bad-fit” customers from your “good-fit” customers. Refer to these qualities when brainstorming campaign ideas. More on brainstorming in a bit.

One powerful tool for leveraging sales data is CRM software, which enables businesses to gather and analyze customer information to drive personalized experiences and targeted campaigns.

Different industries, however, require tailored approaches to fully capitalize on the potential of CRM data for streamlining sales processes

In the real estate sector, where personalized service plays a crucial role, harnessing the data from specialized CRM software for real estate agents and brokers can significantly impact the success of their PR campaigns. 

Using the data from an industry-specific CRM expert empowers them to deliver customized recommendations based on their prospects’ individual preferences for location, neighborhood, type of home, etc, and deliver personalized property listings as part of their PR campaign. 

3 creative tips for optimizing PR campaigns using sales data

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You can also use Mobilocard’s innovative virtual business cards to automatically receive contact details and send them straight to your CRM. Simply turn on Mobilocard’s “Lead Generation mode” to take advantage of this feature.

3 creative tips for optimizing PR campaigns using sales data

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2. Brainstorm how to apply the sales data to win over ideal customers

After you know what drives sales success, use the customer activity insights you analyzed to brainstorm campaign ideas. 

A simple strategy? Identify your audience’s preferences and then tailor your PR messages and targeting accordingly.
Shane Barker summarizes it best: “Sales data is your weather report; brainstorming is choosing the right gear. Together, they ensure a successful journey to your ideal customer’s doorstep.”

For instance, if you noticed that your Gen Z sales prospects are more interested in starting trials to test your AI blog writer tool than your Boomer leads are, then you might consider tailoring your product-led growth initiatives to focus more on Gen Zers. 

In this case, you’d need to personalize your upcoming campaigns with their ideal messaging style, noting the specific benefits they find in using your tool, and relevant call-to-action phrases that prompt them to take inspired action. You’d also need to tailor your marketing materials with images, colors, and themes they align with. 

For instance, since Gen Zers are passionate about sustainability, you might brainstorm how they could use your AI blog writer to spread the word about green initiatives. Or you might lock arms with a Gen Z influencer that promotes sustainable practices and ask them to create videos about how to use your writing tool to better the planet. 

3 creative tips for optimizing PR campaigns using sales data

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From here, begin testing your ideas with split-testing campaigns to see which marketing details gel best with your target audience and drive higher conversions.

3. Apply the insights you gathered during A/B testing to plan and optimize your PR campaigns

Use the results from your A/B tests to refine your PR campaigns before going live. 

For instance, Penn Tool Co., a leading provider of industrial machinery, regularly reviews its sales data and performs split testing to make informed decisions for its upcoming PR campaigns.

Since it regularly invests in partnering with highly sought-after influencers in its niche, like the “American Monster” Robert Oberst (featured below) Penn Tool Co. strives to make informed decisions on which tools to promote to get its ROI back.

3 creative tips for optimizing PR campaigns using sales data

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For instance, after analyzing A/B testing results, Penn Tool Co. chose to highlight its metalworking and metal lathes inventory to capitalize on its customer interest in lathes, milling machines, drill presses, and other metalworking tools. 

3 creative tips for optimizing PR campaigns using sales data

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This data-driven approach helps Penn Tool Co. effectively promote the right tools through its PR campaigns, maximizing its ROI and meeting its top customer demands.

Another example of a brand that applies split-testing results to refine campaigns is StudioSuits, a fashion brand specializing in custom men’s suits.

After examining which suits its target audience orders most, StudioSuits tailors its campaigns to feature its audience’s most-loved items. For instance, in the campaign page below, it features an all-suits lookbook, followed by wool, tweed, and linen suit options to align with its ideal customers’ preferences.  

3 creative tips for optimizing PR campaigns using sales data

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StudioSuits also takes to Instagram and other social media platforms to highlight its customer’s beloved items, in its “Customer Order Spotlight” series:

3 creative tips for optimizing PR campaigns using sales data

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Plain and simple: focus on your customers. By adjusting your images, messaging, and sales strategies to meet them where they are, you’ll create winning PR campaigns that align with their core needs and help you drive higher conversions.

Wrap up

When it comes to optimizing PR campaigns, incorporating sales data can be a game-changer. By leveraging this valuable information, PR reps can enhance their strategies in numerous creative ways. 

Leveraging sales data can also help PR teams understand the impact their campaigns have on their bottom lines. 

By measuring the effectiveness of their messaging and making data-driven adjustments, PR teams can align their offer with their ideal customer needs to achieve better results.

Are you ready to create better PR campaigns? 

By following the three tips we shared today, you can get one step closer to creating campaigns that convert.

Here’s to your success!

Ian David
Ian David started his career in brick-and-mortar retail management, which quickly included eCommerce and digital marketing as well. He is an avid reader and a self-taught expert in SEO and content marketing. He writes for several publications on a variety of digital marketing topics. Recently, his focus has been on using influencer and affiliate marketing to drive more conversions.


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