5 tips for running a productive meeting for all attendees

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Public Relations

Part of ensuring good public relations is for meetings to go well. When you have a meeting—whether internal or external—it is often how you open it that can set the tone for the remainder. So, if this goes wrong, you can easily find that you do not get the outcomes that you had expected—and in the worst cases, you might even ignite a PR disaster. There are plenty of ways of effectively conducting your meetings, but this blog post will point out a few general pieces of advice that you can put into practice.

Choose the right venue

The first step that you can take involves taking your time and choosing the right meeting space. Whether this is internal or you are looking for meeting rooms for hire Brisbane, it is more than worth ensuring that you pick it with a great deal of care and attention, depending on the purpose that you have in mind. Once you have done this, you can then go about setting it up in exactly the way that you would like to. Making sure that you have tested out the tech, arranged the chairs, printed off everything that you need to etc. is all essential.

Send out a comprehensive agenda

Ideally, you will have sent out the agenda well in advance, as this ensures that everyone is on the same page straight away. You need to prepare it properly and make sure that everyone is aware of when their particular item is coming up. Also, everyone who is speaking internally needs to have done all the necessary prep work and be ready with their presentation, fielding any questions as appropriate.

Make the necessary introductions

If everyone already knows each other well, this is a step that you can skip. However, if this is not the case, you need to make sure that the introductions are conducted thoroughly. One of the worst things that can happen in a meeting is someone sitting there and feeling awkward as they have not been introduced as needed.

Allow time for some small talk

The traditional meeting structure doesn’t mean that people go immediately into the main meat of it without any small talk involved at all. So, you instead need to catch up with each other as this can help to put everyone on a much more informal ground.

Follow up with meeting attendees

Unless it is a standalone meeting, there will be some previous points to talk through. This way, you can see everything that has been followed up on, which ensures that you are moving forwards. It also provides a useful refresher for everyone, ensuring that anyone who was not at the previous meeting knows exactly what is going on and is not left in the dark for any reason.

The opening of a meeting can end up having such an impact on the rest of it. Following these few simple steps will help to ensure it starts off smoothly and continues well at the same time. So, make sure to take it all into account as this will help you to achieve the goals that you had set out from the meeting.

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