6 ways to take advantage of podcasting as a growing PR platform

by | May 10, 2021 | Public Relations

Branding is the primary goal for public relations. Every company out there is looking to build relationships and trust with new audiences every day. They also look to strengthen these relationships by constantly reaching out to the audiences on various platforms.

Podcasting is one of the platforms that a brand can use to tell its story. Every business that wants to attract a vast audience must take advantage of this fast-growing platform. This blog looks at some of the ways you can exploit podcasting to improve your business public relations.

6 ways to take advantage of podcasting as a growing PR platform

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Here’s what to do.

1. Position yourself as an expert

Anyone who knows something better than an average Joe can be said to be an expert. You can grow your PR platform by positioning yourself as an industry authority in your area of expertise. Hosting a podcast is one of the ways through which you can cement your position as an expert.

You are good to go if you have ideas and can create 15–20-minute long podcast episodes. You will quickly grow a huge audience and maintain a healthy relationship with them if they can trust you. Releasing podcasts often can help you gain their trust and make them customers.

2. Know your audience

Creating a successful marketing strategy requires proper planning. One of the most significant aspects of developing a strategy is defining your audience and their needs. According to research, the podcast audience is growing every day; today, more than 57 million Americans listen to podcasts.

A brand’s audience is very vital and should be kept at heart. Creating relevant content and tailoring it to your audiences’ needs can help you build excellent relationships with them. A podcast is one of the best communication tools you can use effectively to deliver your message to your audience.

3. Build a community and discuss current topics

As mentioned earlier, once you have established yourself as an expert, the rest flows. The next major step is making sure that you provide your audience with fresh content. Besides, you may need to base your content on interesting topics and current news.

You also need to ensure that your content is consistent and clear. A clear voice can also place you as an industry authority. Invest in top-quality equipment such as microphones for podcasts for the best results. Consider a USB microphone because it’s highly compatible with computers and delivers great quality.

That will make it easy for your audience to trust you. It will also help you to build a community with genuine relationships. One of the most cost-effective ways to build and grow a community is using podcasts.

Your audience will grow better if you release podcasts often. Twice or once every other week will be enough. The content should be fresh and not information that’s already replaced by more current information. That way, you will maintain the relationships you’ve developed.

6 ways to take advantage of podcasting as a growing PR platform

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4. Stay in your niche

One way to succeed with your business is by specializing. A marketing strategy can be challenging to develop if you just handle everything under the sun. Staying in your niche also makes you sound more like an expert and have more people in your niche to trust you.

It would help if you determined your industry, then niche to something specific. Specializing makes it easy to target a specific audience and gain more from your PR campaign. A campaign that doesn’t target any audience may not be as fruitful as you may want; thus, niching down will help.

5. Use a directory to reach a wider audience

There’s a new platform that you can use for exposure and scaling. Podcast directories provide easy-to-use spaces that your business can benefit from with its PR campaigns. Directories bring together people of particular interest and make it easier to find the people you’d like to reach with your campaigns.

If you visit a podcast directory, you’ll be baffled by the number of brands advertising on it. Podcasts have become a way of selling brands, and more companies are utilizing them. You need to add podcasts on top of your checklist if you plan to build a successful strategy for your brand.

6. Grow your social media with podcasts

The primary marketing technology that businesses use today is social media. There are several social media channels where different audiences are spread. It would be best if you gathered as many followers on your social media channels as possible to increase the chances of increasing sales.

Podcasts can play a vital role in increasing social media followers. Your followers can share podcasts with their friends and relatives if they find them interesting and valuable. That makes more people see your social media channels, follow you, and make money from your brand.

You can also increase your social media following by mentioning your social pages at the end of it. People who’re interested in your podcast could search for you on social media. That will increase the number of followers and make your subsequent PR campaigns fruitful.

6 ways to take advantage of podcasting as a growing PR platform

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How to use podcasting to grow your brand

The best way to reap the most significant rewards with your marketing strategy is to have timelines. Your PR campaign may fail before it even begins if you do not have realistic timelines. You, therefore, need to determine how long your PR campaign will take while focusing on your goals and objectives.

A typical PR campaign lasts for between a few months to a year, or even more. Once you have your timelines in place, you’ll have to determine how to achieve your objectives. As mentioned earlier, podcasting is one method you could explore when trying to meet business PR deadlines.

Timing your PR campaign can help you grow your brand. It can create public awareness of your company and help you properly time your customer touchpoints. Reaching out to a customer at the right time helps increase your conversion rates and grows your brand.

Final thoughts

Podcasts are a fantastic way of reaching out to an audience. You can use them to reach an on-the-go audience and people who do not love reading. Podcasts can thus help to boost your business public relations. Sticking to podcasting best practices will give you the results that you desire.

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