7 important PR trends driving the industry forward in 2023

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Public Relations

The digital landscape is constantly evolving. With the diversification of media platforms, including online media, social media, and short video content, public relations has been profoundly impacted, presenting new avenues for engagement.

Traditional press releases alone are no longer sufficient. PR professionals must prioritize crafting authentic human narratives to establish deeper connections with their target audiences.

As 2023 rolls on, PR will increasingly resemble a social media game, where brands can differentiate themselves through effective content marketing strategies and compelling storytelling. The industry is shifting towards a more integrated PR approach, requiring a higher level of understanding and adaptability.

In today’s blog, we will discuss the top PR trends that will likely shape the industry throughout the rest of 2023. Staying ahead of these trends will enable PR professionals to build a powerful communication strategy and propel their client’s businesses to the forefront.

1) The resurgence of in-person meetings and interviews

There is no doubt that online meetings are convenient, commute-free, and absolutely budget-friendly. However, in this post-pandemic world, many media executives are experiencing virtual fatigue. As a result, they are seeking in-person experiences.

Statistics reveal that at the start of 2022, 53 percent of journalists wished to cover more in-person events in the year, and this number only seems to grow in 2023.

Face-to-face interviews allow PR pros to cover detailed features, profiles, and discussions of controversial topics with a lot of ease. You simply can get a lot more from someone when you are talking to them face-to-face.

Therefore, this is expected to be a solid PR trend this year. Of course, Zoom calls and interviews will still be prevalent, just like they have always been for interviews where face-to-face interaction is not possible. But brands must be equipped to handle more requests for in-person interviews and make sure their team is always available for those.

2) Twitter and LinkedIn continue to reign supreme

This PR trend has likely been going on for years now and will continue to be important in 2023. LinkedIn is an immensely useful platform for business executives that wish to showcase thought leadership content and develop professional relationships with other fellow executives.

Similarly, brands that wish to reach out to media professionals can leverage Twitter. Despite all the negativity and toxicity, Twitter remains to be one of the fastest platforms to disseminate information about your brand to the world at large.

Below is an example of GE Renewables using Twitter in their PR strategy to make big company announcements.

7 important PR trends driving the industry forward in 2023

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Additionally, Twitter is also helpful for PR pros seeking new avenues to engage with fresh audiences. The platform is frequently used by journalists, writers, bloggers, and videographers who are actively looking for new pitches, and find Twitter to be a viable discovery tool.

To conclude, as this trend continues, you will see many big and renowned brands making significant announcements on social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn in 2023.

3) Increased use of AI

Statistics reveal that 1 in every 5 PR professionals is already using AI in their strategies to communicate clearly and more effectively.

The fast-growing capabilities of AI are indubitably going to have huge implications for the PR industry in the coming years. AI-powered analytical tools, such as Google Analytics can help PR agents gather and analyze vast amounts of data from varied sources (online forums, social media, news outlets, etc.) to discover trends and boost the effectiveness of their PR campaigns.

Additionally, they can leverage social media monitoring tools to track social media mentions of clients and obtain insights into broader conversations around a brand or initiative. Consequently, they can enhance communication by tailoring messages to match their specific audience.

PR professionals can also use this technology to improve their daily workflows. For instance, they can use speech-to-text technology to quickly capture notes, transcribe interviews, and create content more efficiently with dictation.

Below is an example of an AI tool that can serve as an incredible time-saver for PR professionals. It can record, transcribe, and create meeting notes, all by itself, enabling PR agents to get rid of laborious tasks and focus on generating exclusive ideas.

7 important PR trends driving the industry forward in 2023

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4) Influencer marketing will flourish

Influencer marketing is expected to flourish as a key PR trend in 2023. In fact, according to statistics, brands are likely to spend 23 percent more on influencers this year.

Influencers are cropping up in every corner of the web. Micro-influencers on various platforms have led brands to retract celeb endorsements and focus on tapping into smaller niches instead. And because this strategy is working so well, PR and marketing campaigns will continue to rely largely on influencer promotions for business growth.

Remember, an influencer can be anyone whose thoughts and opinions are trusted by the audience. It can be a podcaster, a fashion designer, a vlogger, or an online blogger. These individuals may not have the fame of a celebrity but they have adequate credibility among their loyal list of followers.

PR professionals must gain a good understanding of an influencer’s niche, content, and audience before approaching them. This will make sure they make the most of influencer marketing campaigns.

5) Diversification of outreach via new platforms and content mediums

With the nature of PR opportunities constantly evolving, PR professionals will continue to use diverse and newly emerging channels to interact with their audience.

For instance, podcasts present an excellent way to distribute journalistic content. Most podcasts have a small list of listeners because they are based on very niche subjects. However, their audiences are mostly highly engaged and interested in the subject.

Additionally, newsletters are another brilliant way for companies to build awareness around their brand. An exciting newsletter sent every week can help to keep brand audiences engaged. You can leverage them to provide different insights in every edition as well as promote your products and services.

For instance, this newsletter by Bloomscape is a classic example of a well-designed and effective newsletter. It not only educates the readers about the different types of plants but also helps them plan their next purchase.

7 important PR trends driving the industry forward in 2023

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Thus, brands must be on the lookout for new forms of media. This will help to keep their industry afloat and generate revenue.

6) Increased importance of a humanized and authentic approach

Arguably the most crucial change from 2020 that lives on to this day is the rising need for businesses to demonstrate what and who they stand for.

Authenticity has always been crucial. But, it’s much higher on the radar in a post-pandemic world. Here are two key reasons that are steadily driving up the need for authenticity.

First, the rising use of AI technologies to provide personalized experiences to digital consumers. While technology enables PR professionals to learn more about their audiences, many would agree that it lacks the distinctive connections that only a human can create. So, in a bid to develop tailored experiences, many PR pros are negating authenticity.

Second, the pandemic has triggered a transformation in content marketing and messaging. The high prevalence of fake information has made consumers more cautious of whom they trust.

All this has prompted the demand for greater transparency, ethical conduct, and meaningful actions that go beyond marketing jargon. Consumers have become more discerning in how they allocate their time, engage with brands, and spend their money. And brands need to be prepared for this by embracing authenticity at every turn.

7) Diversity and inclusion matters

An increasing number of businesses are doubling down on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and for good reason. Statistics reveal that business enterprises that are identified as more diverse and inclusive are 35 percent more likely to outdo their competitors.

Enterprises that promote diversity and inclusion as a part of their PR strategy become instantly more appealing to consumers as well as prospective employees.

However, it is seen that more enterprises only propagate these values superficially. In actuality, they fail to create a truly diversified and unbiased work environment.

This is a brilliant opportunity for PR professionals. They can help their client enterprises to uphold their DEI initiatives and show how they are creating a diverse and equitable environment at work. They can trade imprecise and generic statements for action-packed evidence, and enable their clients to attract consumers and employees.


It is safe to say that the world of public relations is undergoing a dynamic transformation in 2023, driven by the evolving digital landscape and emerging trends. From leveraging AI-powered tools for effective campaign management and personalization to embracing authenticity as a vital component of successful PR strategies, professionals are adapting to meet the changing demands of audiences.

Furthermore, the increasing integration of social media, content marketing, and storytelling has elevated PR to a new level, where brands can distinguish themselves through impactful communication and engagement. As the industry navigates this ever-evolving landscape, staying agile, proactive, and attuned to emerging trends will be essential for PR professionals to thrive in 2023 and beyond. By embracing these aforementioned trends and harnessing the power of innovative strategies, PR professionals can forge deeper connections, obtain meaningful results, and shape the future of public relations in a rapidly evolving digital era.

Charu Gupta
Charu Gupta is an outreach specialist with over 4 years of experience in digital marketing. Her expertise lies in developing and executing outreach campaigns that drive engagement and build brand awareness. When she's not brainstorming outreach ideas, you can find Charu exploring the outdoors or practicing yoga.


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