9 in 10 creators expect their collaboration with brands to increase in 2024: New research guides brands on working with influencers

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The field of influencer marketing is starting off 2024 as a $16.4 billion industry, with more and more brands allocating a significant portion of their marketing and advertising budget to creator brand deals—speaking to its increasing effectiveness as a comms strategy, based on its reputation as an authentic voice in brand promotion. And this year is expected to see an even bigger boom—new research from creator-focused creative tech firm Artlist reveals that the vast majority (91 percent) of influencers intend to be part of even more brand campaigns in 2024.

The firm’s new research guides brands in their collaboration with influencers, presenting several takeaways that brands should consider when working with creators—from identifying the right ones to collaborate with to forming partnerships that are holistic, impactful, and beneficial to all sides.

9 in 10 creators expect their collaboration with brands to increase in 2024: New research helps guide brands on working with influencers

Their recent survey of over 6,000 creators worldwide sheds new light on the dynamics between brands and influencers

The surge in the number of influencers who expect to increase their collaborations with brands in 2024 is attributed to creators’ desire for heightened exposure and income opportunities. Forty percent of those creators are eager to collaborate with as many brands as possible, while 37 percent are more focused on working with brands that resonate with their own personal brand. This highlights creators’ continuous desire to earn as much exposure and sources of income as possible, as well as the importance they put on authenticity, aiming to promote content that aligns with their values and identities.

Influencers want to learn and grow from their brand-campaign experiences

The survey also emphasizes creators’ interest in receiving results from campaigns they participate in, with 62 percent of respondents saying that it would help them learn and improve their performance.

“One of the main elements of a good partnership is to have an open and honest conversation about the purpose of the relationship,” said Dikla Bengio, partnerships team leader at Artlist, in a news release. “Only then, once expectations have been aligned, can we create a business model that benefits everyone.”

Tips for successful influencer experiences

In its research overview, the firm offers some tips to help you forge these influencer collaborations:

1. Use open and clear communication

Make sure to address all the terms and expectations of the partnership from the outset so that everyone is on the same page. This includes campaign objectives, creative freedom, timelines, and deliverables. Regular feedback sessions will also be necessary throughout the project, where there should always be open two-way communication.

2. Take time to get to know each other

The entire experience, including the results, will be smoother and more productive if the brand and the creator take the time to get to know each other. Share some examples of your working styles, your target audience, and the overall creative vision to be sure it’s a good fit before starting the project. 

3. Always be fair and respectful

While negotiations will usually focus on getting the best deal possible, keep in mind that creators deserve fair compensation for their time and effort, just as brands deserve to receive high-quality content on time. Be sure to document all agreements regarding compensation, timing, and expected deliverables in a detailed brief and legal contract. 

4. Focus on building long-term relationships

Don’t think of these collaborations as one-off transactions—look at how your brand and the influencer can continue to work together in the future. This continuity benefits the brand and creator, and it helps support your branding efforts when your audience sees a familiar face or content style. 

Influencers want more creative control

In 2024, 37 percent of creators believe brands should be providing influencers with more creative freedom. A similar 36 percent mentioned the importance of establishing long and meaningful partnerships, which could stem from this increase in creative input. 

“We’ve witnessed many young creators who began their journey with us, whose channels are now immensely successful,” said Bengio. “This is a result of our commitment to support them right from the start, and seeing their potential from the get-go”.

This video by filmmaker duo Feelm is a great example of a meaningful brand-influencer partnership. Sam Newton, one of Artlist’s partners, joins the duo as they share their inspiring story:

This highlights how partnering with brands can go beyond conventional product promotion, resulting in authentic and impactful content.

As creative tools become increasingly accessible, 2024 will see more and more creators entering the market, making it an important year for brands looking to take advantage of the phenomenon and collaborate with influencers.

Read more about the research here.

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