Good public relations practices to protect your office

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Public Relations

Climbing the corporate ladder can be enticing for many of the benefits you get, such as a higher salary and being able to easily move around companies if you wanted to. However, as you get higher, you’ll need to consider your image.

Companies have been affected before by having staff giving an unprofessional image out to the public. Make sure to look at these different principles to give your company a good public relations appearance through both yourself and your office.

Social media

Social media has made created so many disasters for companies as it has never been easier for a controversial opinion to be dug up through someone’s personal account. Before taking a higher up position, think about going back and clearing all your social media accounts of any posts that could be seen as controversial. While some might ask why you have some gaps in your posts, you’ll face far less scrutiny than if anyone finds something bad. Clean out your social media to make sure you don’t face anything that can hurt the public relations of your company.


Unlike social media, worrying about what clothing you wear on the job isn’t necessarily for the general public, but for the companies that you’re working with. Today, more companies than ever have enacted casual clothing policies when you work in an office, but this doesn’t entail all situations and job titles. If you’re a higher up, chances are you’re going to have to meet with other higher ranking officials or those from other companies willing to partner up. Getting deals done means you need to act in a professional matter in both your behavior and style. Consider wearing a nice dress or suit if you’re looking to have a meeting instead of the jeans and t-shirt you come in with on a random Friday. Make sure your schedule is settled so you know what clothing to wear on the right day.

Office conditions

Office conditions have been scrutinized in many different companies recently across the world. Whether it’s being overworked or a mess of an office, keeping the public relations of your company well means that you need to settle these issues. Find a comfortable environment; for example, any good London office space. It’s been found that having a more green office with natural light is a lot more enticing to work in than the stereotypical grey cubicles locked in around grey walls. Additionally, find someone who can make sure employees don’t overwork. Overworking needs to be stopped by persuading employees to go home while making sure bosses don’t pressure anyone to stay at all. Following these guidelines for the conditions of an office is critical for good public relations.

Food and perks

Not only do you need to worry about the conditions in your office, but the quality of the food. While some employees can typically bring their own food from home and put it in an office refrigerator, not all have the chance every day. Providing good food options for your employees can make public relations better and have them work harder. For example, you could offer a cafeteria that provides many healthy options, including a vegetarian menu. Some special days such as before a holiday or every Friday, offer free food from local restaurants or have quality food trucks come in front of your office. Bringing good food to your office is flexible in terms of what type and price so balance out what works best for your company.

As a company gets larger, chances are they will eventually hit a bump whether it’s controversy or financial issues. However, you can help shorten the lifespan or completely erase some issues by making sure you have good people in charge of public relations. Good public relations can even prevent your company from completely sinking in some cases.

Jeremy Sutter
Jeremy Sutter is a freelance writer and former mobile marketing manager at Adobe.


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