ICYMI: Bulldog’s Top 10 posts from September

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Public Relations

As we left summer behind and began the post-Labor Day race toward the holiday homestretch, an eclectic mix of original research reports and captivating byline submissions piqued readers’ attentions during September. In case you may have missed a few of these during an always busy month in PR, we want to give you a second chance to check them out:

1. What to do when PR is “not working”

Agency clients sometimes get the idea that your firm’s PR is just not getting the job done for them. In this monthly roundup’s most popular article, Amendola Communications Senior Director Michelle Noteboom offers a few thoughts on what public relations is and isn’t, as well as some suggestions to help organizations maximize the value of their PR initiatives.

2. Research finds texting with businesses drives engagement and loyalty

According to new research from Zipwhip, consumers and small business owners alike not only find value in text messaging, but want to engage in the mutually beneficial practice more frequently. This report spells out how businesses can capitalize, as well as some key challenges from new FCC regulations.

3. Best investor relations: Pushpay’s IR team creates award-winning annual report

A Bulldog PR Awards Gold winner in 2018, mobile payments app developer Pushpay’s IR team put together a top-tier investor relations report, capturing the full scope of the year’s activity for all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, institutions, analysts, brokers, journalists and the public. Find out how the team did it here.

4. 3 fundamental PR truths that will make you a better communicator

While it’s true that some people are more talented communicators than others, the reality is that anyone can learn to be a better, more influential communicator if they keep a few fundamentals in mind. Here, 5WPR’s Ronn Torossian explains how to build your communications around some genuine PR truisms.

5. Content is no longer king—if it lacks a crucial component

“Content is King” is a term marketers have used for years because content is what’s helped drive customer engagement. But that’s not the case if it’s sterile and lacks depth, meaning and truth. Media Frenzy Global Founder & CEO Sarah Tourville explains how to make your content count.

6. The anatomy of successful media pitch

It’s never easy to convince a stressed out and overworked journalist with a trigger finger on the junk file that your story is worth telling—that’s why your pitch has to built perfectly. Amendola Senior Director Matt Schlossberg examines the essentials of a good pitch, broken out by its main components.

7. What’s a fax machine, anyways? 6 tips for making the most of your PR internship

Why do so many interns find themselves wandering through professional limbo, failing to take advantage of the opportunity at their fingertips? Here, Sage Communications intern Chelsea Bendelow offers 6 maximum tips straight from the trenches.

8. The dark side of influencer marketing—is Big Tobacco baiting kids with “cool” influencers?

Influencers have gained massive power online over the last few years and, as PR pros know, have even become a new industry standard of successful marketing—but as we know all too well, where there’s power, there can be unscrupulous exploitation. Enter Big Tobacco.

9. From student to PR account manager—6 things I’ve learned in 6 months

For Carnsight Communications intern-turned-manager Stephanie Palmer, PR has been testing, exciting and dynamic—and every day is a learning curve. Here, she presents the six top things she’s learned in her six-month journey.

10. Consumers are pushing brands to deliver on innovation and ethical responsibility

Us consumers continue to demand innovation, but now, in response to increasing technology-based fears, we’re attaching strong new stipulations—chief among them that brands use technology ethically and responsibly. This WE Communications report takes a deep dive into how brands can meet the challenge.

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