ICYMI: Bulldog’s top 10 posts in November offer year-end overview of agency performance, and a look ahead at PR’s use of AI in 2024

by | Dec 8, 2023 | Public Relations

As temperatures began to drop across most of the country, Bulldog’s traffic kept heating up, with November turning out to be the best month of 2023 (thank you all!). As is customary, some year-in-review articles began appearing last month, along with forecasts of what we might expect in what’s sure to be a transformative 2024.

Research pieces include a year’s-end look back at PR firms’ struggles with acquiring new business in 2023, a look ahead at PR challenges with generative AI in the coming year, and a sizable disconnect between CEOs and CCOs about who truly leads communications at their companies.

Terrific submissions from our guest authors tackled topics like protecting brands from misinformation, getting maximum ROI from PR events, optimizing AI’s five key roles in digital PR, how your brand’s visual identity helps bring in customers, best practices for hyper-personalization in PR, the pros and cons of targeting different media channels, and actionable tips for generating B2B leads.

In case you missed a few of these, we have collected our Top 10 November posts here. Happy holidays to all!

A year of resilience: New PR agency research reveals a tough 2023 for firms—and what this year’s most successful did to stay in the black

Many comms firms have struggled with acquiring new business in 2023, and as a result, only about half as many have been able to increase revenue or profits this year compared to last year. This research looks at what the firms who did have success were doing right.

New USC Annenberg report explores the trials and triumphs the comms industry will face on its journey into the uncertain world of AI

Still in its “wild west” phase, it’s hard to say how profoundly AI will impact the future of PR. We’re getting an idea of what we want it to do, but that’s based on where the tech is right now. This academic report takes a forward-looking deep dive into AI for PR.

7 best practices for protecting brands from misinformation

In today’s digital landscape, posts and stories can go viral in minutes. It’s given rise to a new PR challenge: misinformation. Now, PR needs to dig deep into its toolbox if reputations are to remain intact. Here are 7 ways.

5 roles of artificial intelligence in digital PR—and how to optimize them

AI’s exponential growth signifies a paradigm shift in how industries harness its potential. And it’s no different for PR—it plays significant roles in enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and decision-making. Here are AI’s 5 key roles for PR.

3 tips for getting maximum return on your PR events

Putting together a PR event comes with a lot of pressure. The event should at once be fun and unique while still meeting business goals. Getting the full benefits out of your event will build your brand’s reputation. Here are 3 tips.

3 ways brand visual identity can win over new customers

Brand visual identity matters. It gives you an edge over the competition by adding “pick me” flair to your product or service, making you stand out from those without such branding elements. Here are three strategies to create yours.

Hyper-personalization in PR: 6 best practices for tailoring messages and campaigns

In an age of information overload, traditional outreach methods have become increasingly ineffective. Here we explore the nuances of hyper-personalization in PR, the problems it solves and the avenues it opens for PR pros.

The pros and cons of targeting different media channels with your PR campaigns

When it comes to building successful PR campaigns, choosing which media channels to focus on plays a critical role. Understanding the pros and cons of these different channels is essential to success. Take a look at these insights.

Chief communications officers see eye to eye with CEOs on strategies like AI, but there’s a disconnect on who actually leads communications

New research reveals a disparity between chief execs and comms leaders on who actually leads communications for their companies: about three-quarters of CEOs say they lead external and internal comms, while just 15 percent of communicators agree.

10 actionable tips for generating B2B leads—with best practices and key elements

Generating B2B leads is the lifeblood of sustainable growth for enterprises across industries. Here we offer ten actionable tips to supercharge your B2B lead generation efforts, helping you thrive in a competitive landscape.

Richard Carufel
Richard Carufel is editor of Bulldog Reporter and the Daily ’Dog, one of the web’s leading sources of PR and marketing communications news and opinions. He has been reporting on the PR and communications industry for over 17 years, and has interviewed hundreds of journalists and PR industry leaders. Reach him at richard.carufel@bulldogreporter.com; @BulldogReporter


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