Media trends: TV is still the “anchor” of news ecosystem

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Media, Public Relations

The Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) recently released a new report, Igniting Today’s Headlines: How TV Brands Stoke the Fire for News, examining news consumption on television and online both before and after the November election.

The report found that consumption was up by double digits year-over-year in 2016—and audiences prefer to consume news through television over other sources. In fact, Americans spend more time getting their news from TV than any other medium, and TV brands, including CNN, ABC News and FOX News Channel, are also dominating online news consumption, according to Nielsen and comScore.

TV is still the “anchor” of news ecosystem

Additional key findings of the report:

  • 92 percent of the population (P2+) and 95 percent of adults 18-34 watched TV news in 2016
  • 91 percent of weekly time spent with news content is done on the television
  • Almost 38 billion hours of news-related TV programming was collectively watched in 2016
  • Average Minute Audience for national TV news increased 26 percent overall and 35 percent for adults 18-34 in 2016
  • 50 percent of time spent with news online by adults 18-34 is with national TV-branded websites, far greater than “pure-play” digital sites which only garner a 26 percent share

TV is still the “anchor” of news ecosystem

“In the world of real news versus fake news, news consumption overall is off the charts,” said Sean Cunningham, president of the Video Advertising Bureau, in a news release.

“The continuous 24/7 news cycle caters to the majority of the population who have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the desire to keep up with all the breaking news in this rapidly changing environment,” he added. “As a result, TV brands are sitting firmly in the anchor chair and they are also the dominant force when it comes to online consumption.”

View the complete report here.

TV is still the “anchor” of news ecosystem

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