PR pulse: Minneapolis businesses (reluctantly) excited for Super Bowl boost

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Public Relations

What’s not to love about having the Super Bowl in your town? Well actually, there’s plenty (messy traffic, delays and detours, heavy security, big crowds) and although businesses in Minneapolis—site of the upcoming Super Bowl LII—are excited about the visibility (and salivating over the business boom), most of them say they’ll be glad when it’s all over.

According to a new survey of nearly 100 Twin Cities professionals from Minneapolis-based data-driven marketing firm YA, the upcoming Super Bowl’s stint in Minnesota will give their businesses attention, even though it will be short lived.

The survey reveals that nearly half (40 percent) of those surveyed believe having the Super Bowl in the Twin Cities will bring their companies enhanced attention and publicity—but while the hype has increased to a roar for now, less than a third (29 percent) of respondents believe the Big Game will help bring the company more business long term.

And while nearly a third (27 percent) are marketing to Super Bowl attendees in hopes of getting more business, nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of respondents say they will be happy when the madness is over.

“Minneapolis has one of the most vibrant downtowns in the nation, and we’re ready to show the world our robust business, entertainment and downtown residential offerings,” said YA CEO and mpls downtown council executive committee member Chris Behrens, in a news release. “With this past weekend’s Vikings win, we could be on the road to making history if our Vikes get to play the big game in our big city.”

However, Twin Cities professionals are making the most of it in the near term. Half say their company will host Super Bowl parties for employees, and less than one quarter (22 percent) say extra traffic and detours will hurt their business.
YA conducted the survey of 98 Twin Cities professionals from Jan. 10-Jan 14, 2018. 
Survey results

Do you think having the Super Bowl in the Twin Cities will help bring your company enhanced attention/publicity? 

  • Yes (40 percent)
  • No (60 percent)

Do you think having the Super Bowl in the Twin Cities will help bring your company more business long term? 

  • Yes (29 percent)
  • No (71 percent)

Does your organization plan to market to Super Bowl attendees? 

  • Yes (27 percent)
  • No (73 percent)

Will your organization have a Super Bowl party for your employees 

  • Yes (49 percent)
  • No (51 percent)

Will extra traffic/detours during the Super Bowl hurt your business? 

  • Yes (22 percent)
  • No (78 percent)

Will you be glad when the Super Bowl is over? 

  • Yes (64 percent)
  • No (36 percent)

Richard Carufel
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