Proven ways to use PR to motivate your sales team

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One of the dangers of running a company is forgetting to check in with your sales team. This does not mean just checking how many sales they do per month. There is a lot of pressure on salespeople because they communicate with clients and bring in the money. Due to that, they might feel like all they do is sell. Some people need higher meaning to their job. With that in mind, it is crucial to find ways to motivate your sales team and show them how important they are.

It’s not all about money

The hard reality is that without money, no business can succeed. However, besides earning a profit, we all need a deeper meaning to what we do. The same applies to salespeople.

You may use public relations to jumpstart sales, but you can also use PR to show the sales team’s success. Gather customer success stories and share them publically. Show how products or services you offer affect customer lives for the better. This act will motivate your sales team to continue providing excellent service and making other peoples’ lives better. It will give a higher meaning to what they do.

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Create achievable goals

The biggest mistake you can make when setting a goal for your sales team is expecting unrealistic results. Instead, it would be best if you focused on achievable goals. Give them something that is just a little out of their reach.

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Set achievable goals to make your sales team feel fulfilled upon completing them.

If your sales team performs well every month and fulfills their quota, they will feel more satisfied. Furthermore, they will commit to the next month 100%. However, if you set too high goals, they will feel disappointed and unsatisfied because they cannot deliver. There are better ways to boost company sales instead of setting unrealistic goals and hoping for the best.

Show how valuable your sales team is

The best way to tell someone how valuable they are is to show your appreciation. Always provide feedback and say a few good words to boost their confidence in what they do.

Another critical step is to make your sales team a part of the decision-making process. Have your sales managers in the most important meetings and ask for their opinion on how to approach the next project or improve the overall sales process.

Furthermore, try to align marketing with sales. To create the perfect sales funnel, the sales team needs to work together with the marketing team.

Solve their problems

Do not forget to ask your sales team about their pain points. No one can tell you better what needs to be fixed than the very people who sell to the clients every day. Listen to their feedback and make it count. If you rely on them to close deals, make sure they have everything they need.

Offer growth opportunities

No matter how well someone does their job, they will always want to learn more. Creating learning and advancement opportunities is the best way to help your salespeople improve their careers. Invest in a knowledge base, training, and seminars, and help them learn more to become even better at what they do.

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Provide constant education for your sales team, and they will know you care about their careers.

This way, you show that, besides making money, you also see your employees as a part of your business. You want them to become better and have a chance to advance in their career.

Offer fair compensation and rewards

Cutting corners when paying employees is never a good idea. If they are not motivated to do their job, your sales will drastically go down. You might even lose clients.

Furthermore, not offering fair compensation will result in frequent changes in your sales team. It is far better to have an experienced team of people who work and learn together than constantly hiring new employees who will accept a lower salary.

Another essential element is offering rewards based on their success. While this is crucial, it can also be a double-edged sword. It is simply not possible to have all of your salespeople achieving the same results. Some work slower, some work faster. Some employees will close more deals than others; that’s how it is. However, that does not mean that other salespeople who close fewer deals are worth less to the company. If you only offer rewards to the highest achievers, the rest will lose motivation because they can never compete.

In addition, you should never create competition between your salespeople. They need to work together, not one against the other. To fix this problem, offer rewards on the team level. If the entire team performs well, they all get a bonus. On top of that, you can reserve a little extra for the top achievers if you want to.

Offer benefits besides money

It is true that everyone wants a high salary. However, as we said at the beginning, it is not all about money. Other things are equally important.

Another way to motivate your sales team is to offer:

  • flexible working hours;
  • time off;
  • opportunities to lead a project;
  • public recognition on the company level;

Ask them what benefits they would like. Create a list and see what is feasible, and make it happen. If there is something you cannot offer, make sure to explain why.

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If you motivate your sales team, they will lead the company to the top!

Motivate your sales team and they will lead your company

Motivation is a crucial factor in the success of any business. Without it, employees will not work efficiently, and the company will not perform well. Use these strategies to motivate your sales team. Furthermore, think about ways to motivate your entire staff. They all need to feel like a part of one large family that treats all its members equally. As a result, you will see a jump in productivity and happy faces coming to work and enjoying what they do.

Best of all, if your employees are happy, you can create a PR campaign to showcase company values and goals. If people see how you treat your employees, they will want to become your clients!

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