Why omnichannel marketing is the game-changer for retailers in the post-pandemic age

by | Jul 11, 2023 | Marketing, Public Relations

The pandemic-driven e-commerce surge amplified the role of digital marketing—and consumers have learned a trick or two since as they‘ve re-incorporated physical shopping but with the assistance of online tools like brand apps and social media platforms. As a result, new insights from independent digital marketing agency Fullmoon Digital stresses that retailers must employ diverse digital marketing strategies to maintain visibility and keep pace with increasing competition in the online retail space. 

These omnichannel marketing tactics result in better conversion rates, more income, and business growth, according to Fullmoon CEO Derek Chew, who urges retailers to explore multiple digital marketing channels—noting that in addition to creating several touchpoints, they provide more opportunities to interact directly with consumers.

“The number of ways consumers engage with the internet is expanding, opening up more digital marketing avenues for retailers,” said Chew, in a news release. “Merchants who take advantage of a wider range of digital marketing approaches improve the consumer shopping experience, differentiate themselves from the competition, and open up valuable communication lines for consumer feedback and education.”

The first and foremost objective in any digital marketing playbook is to build brand awareness

A 2022 consumer survey revealed that 46 percent of shoppers in the U.S. would pay more for a product from a brand they already know and trust. Brand familiarity builds an emotional connection that facilitates future sales success.

Driving traffic, acquiring leads, and converting customers is the fundamental mission of digital marketing. There are plenty of ways to drive traffic, such as SEO optimization, influencer marketing, social media, display ads, and paid search listings. However, the best approach depends on each company’s budget, target customers, and unique business goals. Focusing solely on driving leads falls short of the potential of omnichannel, multiple-touchpoint internet interactions that build brand recognition, customer loyalty, and set a company apart from its competition.

Omnichannel marketing is distinct from multichannel marketing

While multichannel marketing delivers a similar message across several channels, omnichannel marketing uses each channel differently. It provides a layered experience with different perspectives, information, and offerings depending on where the customer chooses to engage.

“Online shopping has evolved into a nonlinear activity that involves multiple devices and content formats,” said Chew. “Omnichannel marketing allows the consumer to define their own shopping experience by navigating through available content in a way that is most natural to them.”

At the same time, not many brands can expect to be everywhere simultaneously

With the rapid expansion of advertising platforms and the accelerated development of AI, augmented reality, personalization tools, interactive marketing, and short-form video content on multiple platforms, brands are under pressure to carefully define and understand their relevance in the marketplace. Digital marketing success relies on selecting those channels, platforms, and strategies that deliver the best value to the target audience.

“Success in digital marketing is not a one-time achievement; it’s an ongoing and evolving strategy,” Chew added. “Delivering remarkable and consistent outcomes requires continuous market monitoring and a readiness to pivot when necessary. That’s why we put such a strong emphasis on communication and collaboration with our clients. Working as a team, we can deliver measurable results.”

Richard Carufel
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