4 PR strategies that can bring more money into your business

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Public Relations

Public relations strategies are important for any business no matter what sector or industry the business is part of. PR can be used to maintain the image of a business, help generate interest in an organization or improve the reputation of a company. Depending on your company’s needs, you may need to employ various PR strategies aimed at different goals. Here are four PR strategies that can bring more money into your business.

1. Use direct marketing to your advantage

A direct marketing strategy involves reaching out to customers yourself instead of passively letting them respond to advertisements they see in their daily lives. Direct marketing is traditionally conducted by mail, which many businesses still utilize. However, it’s becoming increasingly common to conduct direct marketing via social media direct messaging, email, phone or text. When you conduct direct marketing, you send out information and a call to action to try to entice potential customers to contact you and make a purchase. For example, if you run a car insurance agency, you can send emails or mail to existing and potential customers about your auto loan rates and how your rates might benefit the recipients. Then, the lead can visit your website or contact you, which makes finalizing a sale more likely.

2. Refresh the design of your business

It’s a good idea to periodically refresh your business and its design. If you run a brick-and-mortar business, you should update your decor, exteriors and organization every few years. If your business has an online presence, you need to pay attention to web design updates and make sure your online style and design stay modern but also remain recognizable to existing customers. You should also update your branding occasionally. Make sure it is accessible, fits your company culture and products or services, is professional and is aesthetically pleasing. Making sure your branding and design choices are polished and your premises are clean and easily navigable can make your customers happy and feel comfortable interacting with your business.

3. Establish rewards for both new and repeat customers

Another good PR strategy is establishing customer rewards. You may develop a rewards program for existing customers or make special offers for first-time customers. Some businesses do both. The types and amounts of rewards will vary depending on your products or services and your budget. For example, a cafe might offer a punchable rewards card where customers can receive a free small coffee after making five purchases. This is a loyalty reward. Customers at clothing retailers may receive first-time discounts when they sign up for store credit with their purchases. Some businesses, such as gyms, offer limited-time rewards, where they may reduce the price to sign up for a membership for certain periods of time.

4. Build your brand and develop its story

Not only do you need to make your brand recognizable but you also need to make sure your customers understand your brand, your mission and your company culture and identity. Develop a PR strategy that explains your brand’s story and history to customers and leads. Make sure the public understands your brand organically. Avoid sales pitches in communications related to your brand story. Make sure the story feels genuine. Look for aspects of your brand’s story that showcase your company’s strengths and its differences from your competition.

Most companies use multiple PR strategies. These strategies may be used at different times or simultaneously, depending on the needs of your business. Make sure your PR strategies and goals are clearly defined and everyone on your PR team understands his or her role in the strategy. PR strategies need to be cohesive in order to be successful.

Lewis Robinson
Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He's begun multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.


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