4 ways PR and SEO work together in harmony to boost your brand

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Marketing, Public Relations

How a business appears to the public is critical to its success, so many will seek out PR services or build an in-house team to manage this. They want a positive relationship with the media, journalists, and the wider public, and developing PR strategies can help them better control this. 

However, some businesses can overlook the importance of linking their PR strategies to other campaigns they have going on, SEO being a fine example. PR strategies on their own can still provide excellent results, but those that understand the link between SEO and PR can often find even greater ones. Here is why PR and SEO work so well together, providing a little persuasion for you to look at these as one rather than separate entities.

It raises your status and authority

You must improve your authority if you want to gain your audience’s and customers’ trust so they purchase from you and come to you for advice. A business with great authority can position you as a leader in your industry, help boost sales, and help you attract talent to further improve your business, and who wouldn’t want that? PR can help boost your authority, as can SEO techniques. Combine them, and you can take giant leaps with your authority. For instance, digital PR on its own can generate plenty of media coverage, but if you seek links from this media coverage, you can improve your DA score.

It improves your search rankings and boosts your visibility

Without your customers, you would have no business, so finding ways to grow these numbers is always important. PR focuses on improving your brand awareness to do this, but so do many SEO techniques. Therefore, consider using them both when looking to grow your audience.

Your PR might focus on getting your company mentioned on authoritative sites, while your SEO works to raise your search rankings. As most traffic is found through search, positioning yourself better is critical. You can learn more about creating a successful SEO campaign that focuses on improving your rankings by speaking to a consultant at SEO Luton

Working on PR and SEO simultaneously means you are becoming a familiar and well-known name in the industry and earning more trustworthy positions on search engines.

It helps you create content that your audience wants

Creating newsworthy content is a fantastic PR strategy, but when you use SEO techniques, you can determine exactly what your audience is searching for and create the content they are seeking, resulting in more traffic and more customers. SEO helps you learn what keywords are worth focusing on. You can use this knowledge to build content around the keywords, increasing your rankings and capturing the public’s interest in your brand.

It boosts and solidifies your brand’s reputation

From link building and finding keywords to carrying out technical SEO, there are many ways to develop your reputation online. If you combine these techniques with PR strategies, such as content creation, relationship building with the public and press, and using social media, you have every opportunity under the sun to enjoy a stellar reputation.

Conclusion: SEO boosts your PR and vice versa

The reality is SEO can boost any PR strategy you create just as much as PR can boost any SEO campaign. On their own, they work fantastically well, but together they could help you dominate, and in such a competitive environment, it makes sense to give yourself the best opportunity for success. 

Steve Conway
Steve Conway is a content marketing professional and inbound marketing expert. Previously, Steve worked as a marketing manager for a tech software start-up. He is passionate about discovering new software that will that will advance his already well-honed digital marketing techniques.