4 ways your HR department can protect your reputation

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Public Relations

As a business owner, nothing is more important than keeping your reputation intact. Thanks to the internet, people now have the ability to do serious damage to a company’s reputation in a matter of seconds, which is why you need to ensure that you are protected in all aspects of running your business.

This protection often comes with the support of an HR department, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your character remains undamaged in times of trouble. This guide details exactly how an HR department can protect your reputation.

They can streamline for efficiency

Many areas across your business might already be taking advantage of automation, and so the HR system should be no different. By embracing a single-solution HR and payroll software, you can free up your HR team members’ time and allow them to work on other areas that will protect your reputation. For those who are seeing a growth in their business, an HR software UK company, such as peoplexcd, can provide you with more control over handling your employees’ payroll.

They meet your employees’ needs

An HR department has an important role within your business; they are the people who will speak to your employees and find out how happy they are working for you. If you have a constant stream of people leaving to work elsewhere, then you need to know why this is and fix it. The last thing you want is for people to badmouth your company simply because you didn’t listen to them. Therefore, your HR department should be regularly sending out surveys for employees to fill out. These anonymous surveys will bring to your attention exactly what is and isn’t working. If you then implement changes to rectify this, you are not giving your employees any reason to disparage your business. In fact, if you bring in enough changes that create a positive work environment, you might even improve your reputation.

HR brings about trust

Trust is a big thing nowadays. If you don’t seem trustworthy, then people won’t use your services; it is as simple as that. Therefore, you should be working alongside your HR department to make sure that your company is doing everything it can to show people that they can trust them. This includes being consistent in your values and taking the time to communicate with your clients and employees regularly. HR will ensure that you keep applying these same values because, without them, you could see your reputation being negatively affected.

HR can handle employees that leave

In cases where employees leave, which some will, you want to make sure that it is dealt with properly. When you have to let people go, through dismissal or redundancy, it doesn’t always go as planned, as can be expected in such a situation. With the HR department by your side, you can ensure that everything is handled correctly, and your reputation is not affected. Many people will see a dismissal or redundancy as a personal betrayal and could seek to slander your business if they feel necessary. However, if handled correctly with a correct and legal procedure in place, you are doing nothing wrong. Make employees aware of this procedure when they join and be sure to communicate effectively with the rest of the team after the dismissal takes place.

Nobody likes being unaware of what’s going on, and secrets can easily make people feel uneasy. Have a meeting and explain why this has happened. While the morale might be affected, it should only be temporarily with your HR team working with them.

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