5 best practices for Facebook Lead Generation Ads in 2024

by | Dec 20, 2023 | Marketing, Public Relations

Digital marketing is evolving, and so is Facebook advertising. There have been changes in Facebook marketing features, market demands, and general lead generation tactics. 

That’s why we are here to help you catch up. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top Facebook lead generation ads best practices and current advertising trends you need to skyrocket your advertising in 2024.

Facebook Lead Ads: What it is and why you need it

Facebook Lead Ads are an innovative and efficient way for businesses to collect information from potential customers within the Facebook platform. These ads capture leads by encouraging hands-on user engagement with a business. 

5 best practices for Facebook Lead Generation Ads in 2024

Source: Meta

The most notable advantage of Facebook Lead Ads is possibly their native performance. When users click on a Lead Ad, they interact with the ad right on the platform, without having to visit the advertiser’s website. This creates a more seamless connection between users and your brand while increasing the odds of conversion.

The Lead Ads have been around for a while now and are still going strong. But here’s what’s new with Facebook Lead Ads. Recently, Facebook Lead Ads have been upgraded with AI integration for better targeting and personalization. They’ve also added more layers to their privacy compliance features. So we expect to see more trends like this in 2024. 

Facebook lead generation tips in 2024

It’s no secret that Facebook Lead Ads is a high-performing tool. However, the performance of these ads gets an extra boost with Meta’s latest advertising updates.

Let’s review some of the best ways to generate leads on Facebook with the platform’s new and existing features:

  • Targeted audience reach: With Facebook’s targeting abilities, you can reach a specific audience segment with impressive precision.
  • Advanced personalization: Using AI and data analytics, businesses can now create highly personalized campaigns that resonate more effectively with their audiences.
  • Higher conversion rates: These ads minimize the number of steps in the lead generation process, which leads to lower friction and higher conversion rates.
  • User-friendly interface: The pre-populated forms also reduce friction and encourage more sign-ups or inquiries.
  • Versatile for various objectives: You are in charge of your campaigns’ content, not the ad. You can customize them for newsletter sign-ups, booking appointments, collecting feedback, or anything else your business needs.
  • Partner integrations: LeadsBridge was the first company to become Meta’s official partner for automated integrations. Still today, it offers solutions for automating and updating lead data transfer in real time between Facebook and various data management tools. 
  • Conversational marketing: The rise of real-time interactions via chatbots and messaging platforms has transformed lead engagement. However, you’ll need automated integrations to create an interactive and responsive user experience.

Top 5 Facebook lead generation best practices in 2024

Having a solid online presence is a must for maintaining a brand’s reputation. That’s why advertisers need to understand and make the most of the latest trends in Facebook lead generation ads. 

These strategies are not just about upscaling your marketing. They are about creating an integral approach. This is to say, building genuine connections with your audience is the most successful way to achieve meaningful business results. 

1. Optimize for a mobile and video-first strategy

The first one on our list is a Facebook Lead Ads best practice. According to statistics, the average smartphone user in the United States checks their phone every 10 minutes. Similarly, 58 percent of individuals start their workday by checking emails, with a nearly identical percentage using social networking applications.

What does this mean? With so many people continuously on their mobile devices, your ads need to embrace this across-the-board user behavior. 

Speaking of user trends, you don’t want to miss out on video ads. A substantial 79 percent of consumers claim that watching a brand’s video persuaded them to purchase software or an app. Moreover, 69 percent of people prefer watching short videos to learn about new products or services. 

These impressive stats suggest that the use of video by advertisers will likely surge even more in the coming year (and you shouldn’t stay behind).

5 best practices for Facebook Lead Generation Ads in 2024

Source: Meta

2. Leverage high-quality creative content

In advertising, creativity is always rewarded if it is channeled the right way. Some creative aspects are more effective than others in making people convert. Still, many businesses focus on the wrong creative aspects of their ads. 

By understanding what your audience appreciates in certain demographics, you can design ads that perform better and spend your marketing dollars wisely. For starters, use engaging visuals and compelling copy to grab attention. And add in interactive elements to boost engagement levels.

3. Embrace conversational marketing

There’s been a significant shift towards conversational marketing through chatbots and messaging apps. Conversational marketing is about having one-on-one conversations with customers via different communication channels. 

This strategy uses real-time, personalized interactions with prospects, which is known to boost the lead generation process as well. To top that up, leverage Facebook’s AI and Machine Learning to create highly personalized ad content.

4. Refine targeting using advanced tools

Are you making the most of Facebook Ads? The platform has progressed into a sophisticated targeting mechanism. Many tools, such as Facebook Leads Conversions, Custom Audiences, and Conversions API, allow you to zero in on your ideal audience. 

5 best practices for Facebook Lead Generation Ads in 2024

Source: Meta

Your targeting might be based on demographics and interests, as well as customers’ prior travel and projected behaviors. Use these advanced advertising and lead generating options to develop high-converting lead generation campaigns.

5. Implement automated data bridges

In 2023, automation is no longer an option for succeeding in marketing, it’s a necessity. Creating an interconnected marketing technology stack will continue to be crucial in 2024. With AI running at the forefront of all technology, there is no room for outdated methods like manual data handling. You’ll need automated data bridges in place to connect Facebook to your CRM, autoresponder, and other data processing tools. 

5 best practices for Facebook Lead Generation Ads in 2024

These connections allow you to streamline your lead generation and management processes. Once a seamless flow of data is set, you’ll get notified as soon as a lead submits a form. 

This is a Facebook lead generation best practice that streamlines your workflows and helps improve productivity. It enables you and your team to conduct timely follow-ups and effectively convert the leads generated on Facebook.

Final thoughts

Lead generation on Facebook is a moving target. An ad that works today might not work in a month. So, every part of your adverts will need to be tested and tweaked to find what’s in now. Then, with a balanced use of creativity, tools, and methods, you can identify the sweet spot that will attract the most leads. The cutting-edge Facebook lead generation ads best practices strategies above help you boost your campaigns in 2024 and stay ahead of the competition.

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