5 innovative technologies to drive your business success

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Marketing, Public Relations

If you want to grow a successful small business, it helps to harness the power of the latest technologies. There are new tools being created every year that can make it easier to find success as a small business owner. The following are five technologies that you should consider using to help your company grow:

1) Streamlined project management

Every team has projects and tasks that it needs to keep organized. Having the right tools can make this significantly easier. While project management software has been around for a long time, innovative solutions have made it better than ever.

For example, agile has grown increasingly popular as a methodology for organizing product development and other business activities. There are numerous software options especially designed to help agile teams perform better.

There are more options than ever before. You can find the perfect tool for your team’s unique needs.

2) Easier collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of all business activities. If you want your company to grow and succeed, you need to enable your people to communicate and work together on projects. Fortunately, the internet and other technologies are making this easier.

Some examples of this include the increasingly popular instant messaging tools that many teams are now using. They give people a way to communicate that is less formal than email but that doesn’t require a phone call or in-person discussion. This helps people to collaborate in a more efficient manner.

The same is true for tools that let people author and manage documents together. Most businesses produce a lot of documents as part of their operations. These may be marketing strategies, product specifications, internal records and more. Having easy access to these will help your team to run smoother.

3) Superior time management

Keeping track of time is a major element of optimizing your operations. If you want to make sure your team members’ time is being put toward the most productive tasks, you need to know how they are spending it.

This is also important for payroll purposes. People need to record their time to be paid properly in many organizations. Other teams need to know how time is spent to be able to bill clients properly.

Fortunately, this is aided by innovative technologies. For example, you could use a time clock app with GPS to measure the amount of time that your people spend at different job sites. This can help to automate a lot of the time record keeping necessary for a construction business or similar operation.

4) Clearer market data

Making data-driven decisions can help you to grow your business more efficiently. This has been one of the most significant areas of technological innovation in the past decade. Businesses are gathering enormous amounts of data and using machine learning and artificial intelligence to interpret and leverage that information.

However, you don’t need enormous server farms or the top data scientists to make data-supported decisions. There are many easy-to-use tools that will let you capture information about your marketing efforts, for example. These can help you to make better choices about how you will reach your customers in the future.

5) AI-driven customer service

Another common application for artificial intelligence is to serve customers quickly and effectively. Historically, customer service has required representatives to help people with their questions. However, AI-based chatbots are growing more and more popular. This is because they can handle many common questions with far-faster response times and lower costs than human representatives.

This can be beneficial to the customer because he or she can get a question answered without having to wait. It also helps the business because there is no need to pay for a 24/7 staff to be able to offer basic support around the clock.

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