5 smart ways to use media intelligence in the year ahead

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Public Relations

Media intelligence gathered through media monitoring is an insightful and informed way to make good sales, marketing, and PR plans, as well as help brands track, manage and recover from crisis (if not prevent one altogether). Since your brand value can be severely impacted by a crisis, communicators need to develop deep strategies for using media intelligence for this purpose if no other.

Yet as important as it is, crisis management is just the beginning—businesses large and small can benefit in a variety of ways from media intelligence, but often overlook the other critical insights that effective monitoring provides, which is why PR and marketing pros need to learn how to use and implement media intelligence comprehensively to get the most out of it. In this post, we discuss five leading ways to do so.

1. Competitive analysis

Benchmarking media intelligence against competitors is one of the best ways to use media intelligence. Every brand wants to track media mentions, trending news, and buzz around the brand identity. At the same time, they should also follow the buzz around their competitors’ brands.

Media intelligence also helps your business stay ahead of its rivals. For example, you may remember the media outrage when a United Airlines employee misbehaved with a customer. The competing airlines quickly grabbed the opportunity and projected themselves as the friendliest. Therefore, media intelligence gives you options to capitalize on the weaknesses or mistakes of your competitors and stay ahead in the race.

A competitive analysis using media intelligence should include some key metrics, including sentiment, share of voice, and trending themes (positive, neutral, and negative).

2. Lead generation

Media intelligence also helps in finding potential business opportunities. Every business seeks to sell products and services. Due to the need for more productivity in business, marketing strategies can take a lot of work to get leads. Media intelligence can fetch you leads that you can easily convert into buyers.

For creating specific searches, you can use advanced SaaS SEO tips. For example, if you have a business that deals with moving services, you can look at online discussions about moving services. You can also track the latest news, technologies, and media stories around moving services. Realizing the trending news related to your business and using it for business marketing will help you generate more leads.

3. Improved customer experience

Nowadays, products and services aren’t the most competitive component of brand success. Why then does one business do better than others? The answer could be customer experience. Building a good relationship with customers and providing them with an effortless in-store or online experience will help your business grow quickly.

Media intelligence can play a crucial role in developing customer experience strategies. You can analyze the latest trending stories that reveal challenges for customers. Understanding those challenges will help you render solutions for them. As a result, the customer experience with your business will improve.

4. Public relations analysis

Business PR is a crucial component of a company’s success. Enterprises have different strategies for conducting their PR activities, but integrating media intelligence tools to obtain data insights and analytics helps businesses develop more targeted and insightful strategies.

In addition to the usual analytics tools, media monitoring helps you keep up with the latest news and trend stories about your industry. These insights will help you develop better PR strategies.

5. Social media engagement

Social media is a crucial way to market your business, and it’s equally critical to track engagement levels in real time to determine the success of your social media marketing campaigns. Given the speed of social media developments, monitoring is essential.

Creating engaging social media content is also a challenge for most businesses—even though they spend time and money on it, many businesses fail to effectively connect with their content. Media intelligence is an effective tool for improving social engagement. You can track media trends to develop content accordingly, as create more brand engagement on the platforms.


These are all great ways to use media intelligence to strategize modern business marketing and improve brand exposure. But be sure to do your research and select the right tool for your specific needs.

Almog Atar
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