6 ways large companies can keep a focus on customer engagement

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Public Relations

Many cogs are turning within a large company, but special attention should always be given to customer engagement. While you may have excellent marketing and a large number of regular customers, there are always shiny new items on the market that could pique their interest. Here are the ways you can keep customers engaged as a large business.

Update social media regularly

You probably already have social media accounts, but how engaging are they, really? You should update them regularly to keep users’ interest, but you should also make sure the content is high-quality. If you have a team sending tweets and Facebook posts, then make sure they are all using a similar voice and promoting the brand in the right way.

Use video content

Video content is more engaging than any other. Whether you’re posting on social media or your website, try to use video as well as images and text. When a person clicks on a video, especially one that doesn’t go on too long, they are more likely to finish it than they are if there was a big block of text. It’s an easy, visual way to get your message across.


While you might have teams that cover all areas, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t outsource for the more mundane tasks. Financial responsibility is huge in a large company, so you could outsource fund administration to keep a record of shareholder funds. By doing this, you free up more room for customer-related projects.

Strive for greener practices

As a large business, there is a chance you contribute to a lot of waste. Fortunately, this also means you have the chance to make a big change. If you use a lot of plastic, you should seek to either change ingredients or reduce them as much as you can. You should also strive to buy any business products from other green businesses too.

More and more customers are prioritizing green companies, so by reducing your carbon footprint, you will both help save the planet while engaging with more customers.

Listen to customer feedback

Listening to customer feedback might seem like an obvious tip, but it is essential. As a large company, you have a responsibility to provide excellent service to all customers. If a customer isn’t happy with something, then you must do your best to solve the issue. If there are many customers having the same problem, you should seek to solve the root of the cause. By taking people’s advice on board and actively seeking to better the company as a whole, you will gain respect.

Get everyone to research

Most members of the company should keep up to date in the world of business. This means knowing the competition, knowing about any progress within the company, and any new ideas related to it. If everybody keeps on the ball, then you end up with a stronger team overall.

Focus on employing those who are passionate and motivated to learn, and then train them in research skills to ensure your whole team stays on top.

Steve Conway
Steve Conway is a content marketing professional and inbound marketing expert. Previously, Steve worked as a marketing manager for a tech software start-up. He is passionate about discovering new software that will that will advance his already well-honed digital marketing techniques.


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