8 ways to promote your gym or fitness business in the media

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Public Relations

The fitness industry has grown tremendously in recent years, making personal training a very rewarding career path indeed. However, for those just starting out, not seeing any paychecks while the bills keep coming can dampen even the happiest trainer’s spirit.

Many new personal trainers optimistically assume that clients will come flocking in once they’ve earned a personal training certificate.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how the fitness world works. Without an excellent marketing plan, no one will know about your amazing services, no matter your skills.

The good news: there are lots of effective fitness marketing strategies you can implement and start gaining clients right away. We’ll share 8 of the best fitness PR strategies you could use to get clients flocking to your door.

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Fitness marketing is about strategically promoting your fitness-related business or services to attract new clients and customers.

Whether you own a super fun gym, personal training party place, fantastic yoga studio, or sell awesome fitness products, using marketing in an upbeat way can help people discover your services and get active. It’s all about putting the word about your business out there.

8 handy tips to promote your fitness business on the media

Without further ado, here are some battle-tested strategies to help you successfully spread the word about your fitness business.

1. Engage with clients on social media

Level up your fitness biz with social media mastery! Connecting with clients online is so important—that’s where everyone lives these days! Whether it’s Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, make engagement your top priority.

Spread the word about your awesome classes and share tips to keep your fans motivated. But most importantly, spark real conversations.

Respond to your followers with care, and they’ll feel the love. Build that special bond just like you would face to face. Soon, you’ll have a thriving community that supports your success.

2. Leverage video

Want to level up your fitness business? Create workout videos for your site ASAP! Videos are a fun way to educate current clients and recruit new members.

Show off your gym, classes, and top trainers through short clips—it’s like a free commercial! Give folks a taste of your high-energy classes from anywhere.

Whether live or on-demand, videos let your passion for health and wellness shine through. So, grab your phone and start recording today! Share your motivating message and watch potential clients flock to your doors.

3. Create an online course

Creating an online fitness course is an awesome way to share your training expertise and boost your business! By providing on-demand workouts, you can help more people get healthy and fit from anywhere. Your clients will get results fast, proving the value of your coaching.

As for hosting, you have several great options.

Publish on YouTube for maximum exposure. Or partner with Udemy for easy enrollment and payments. Don’t forget to invest in robust fitness software. A good fitness system ensures no leads are falling through the cracks while allowing you to automate the key functions of your business, like appointments, follow-ups, and personal training sessions.

4. Jump on a trend—or start a challenge

Jumping on a viral trend is a surefire way to get noticed online. While some social media fitness challenges can seem a bit extreme, there are plenty of fun and engaging options to choose from!

Join an existing trend that matches your energy, or get creative and launch your own unique challenge—it’s a great way to share your personality and athletic abilities with others.

Need some inspiration? Scroll through TikTok, and you’ll lose track of time exploring the endless ideas. Whether you’re a hardcore athlete or just looking for something fun and engaging, there’s a challenge out there perfect for your vibe. Your followers will love joining you on fitness fun.

5. Create shareable guides and tips

Spread the fitness knowledge and watch your business bloom! Designing shareable guides is a great way to energize your brand. Craft an awesome sample workout or meal plan on Canva, then share it out—people will happily spread the word for you.

The more wisdom you put out there, the more positive vibes will come back your way. (And that good karma translates to more traffic and clients finding their way to you!) Get creative, share the wealth of your expertise, and boost your business in the process.

6. Stream an online event

Live streaming is totally the way to energize people about your awesome fitness business and get them to follow you all over social media.

Online events rock just as much as IRL ones, plus you can potentially reach way more clients. Just like a workshop, you’ll want to pick a super engaging topic to focus on – maybe setting smart fitness goals or training for your first marathon adventure.

Go live on TikTok or Instagram to share your knowledge. Spread the word about the event ahead of time through your social channels, and be sure to invite friends and clients to join.

7. Offer 1-on-1 personal training sessions

Want to really welcome new clients to your fitness studio? Offer every new member a complimentary personal training session to kickstart their journey! A one-on-one session is the perfect way to welcome newcomers and onboard them on your training programs.

With a dedicated trainer to guide them in their first workout, newbies will feel at ease instead of out of place. No more stressing about what machine does what—they’ll leave feeling motivated!

A complimentary session with a trainer lets them familiarize themselves with your top-notch equipment and supportive staff. Not sure whether you’ve got what it takes to be a fitness coach? This handy personal training business guide should give you a head start.

8. Partner with influencers

Social media stars are paving the way to wellness! Fitness influencers, health heroes, lifestyle legends, and more are helping people reach their goals every day.

As brand ambassadors for gyms and clubs, influencers spread the message far and wide. Whether industry pros, celebs, or regular gym-goers, their reach knows no bounds. With influencers in your corner, eyes on your content, and new members in your classes, success is the only outcome.

Wrapping up

Marketing is key to any thriving venture, and your fitness business is no exception. Use these battle-tested promotional pointers to draw in fresh faces and keep your customers hooked.

Jessica Perkins
Jessica Perkins is a writer and SaaS marketing consultant who helps businesses scale up their marketing efforts. She is obsessed with learning and also is passionate about sculpting. 


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