Comms lessons from Blake Lively’s Super Bowl masterclass in PR

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Public Relations

The Super Bowl is perhaps the world’s greatest stage, with 100+ million tuning in from across the globe for the game, the commercials of course, and that halftime musical performance. Recently, Blake Lively, the multi-talented actress, director, mother, business owner, and philanthropist, demonstrated a masterclass in leveraging her moment at the Super Bowl for strategic PR gains. 

While many recognize Blake for her stellar acting career and role as the CEO of Betty Buzz, a delicious non-alcoholic beverage line, it was her savvy moves at the Super Bowl that truly showcased her PR prowess. As a PR professional myself, I couldn’t help but applaud her strategic approach to maximizing exposure in America’s biggest spotlight. 

Blake, a longtime friend of pop sensation Taylor Swift (Taylor is the godmother of her children), was one of Swift’s special guests at the Super Bowl

Instead of merely enjoying the game, she meticulously curated her appearance to ensure it wasn’t just a fleeting moment in the limelight. Clad in an adidas x balenciaga tracksuit, Blake elevated her ensemble by adorning herself with nearly $500,000 worth of Tiffany jewelry. This was no mere fashion statement; it was a calculated move to garner attention and generate press for Tiffany.  

The actress cleverly turned herself into a walking advertisement for the renowned jewelry brand. Each piece she wore became a focal point, generating substantial media coverage. It leaves one wondering—is Blake Lively positioning herself to be the face of Tiffany’s next campaign? Only time will tell, but the strategic placement certainly piqued the interest of onlookers and the media alike. 

But Blake didn’t stop there

Recognizing that her husband, Ryan Reynolds, was set to release the trailer for his film “Deadpool” during a prime Super Bowl commercial slot, she went the extra mile. Adding never-before-seen Deadpool charms to her Tiffany jewelry, Blake seamlessly connected her personal and professional worlds. 

In a move that exemplifies the essence of milking the moment, Blake and Ryan took to Instagram, exchanging cute quips while showcasing the Deadpool jewelry line front and center. This not only generated buzz around the film but also created a unique marketing opportunity for fans to purchase the exclusive charms shortly after their debut. 

Blake Lively’s strategic choices at the Super Bowl exemplify the art of leveraging personal and professional connections for maximum PR impact

It serves as a valuable lesson for PR professionals on how to seize opportunities, create synergies, and transform a brief moment in the spotlight into a lasting and lucrative narrative. Blake’s calculated approach demonstrates that in the world of PR, every moment is an opportunity waiting to be maximized.

Julie Talenfeld
Julie Talenfeld is the president of BoardroomPR, , a full service PR and marketing firm based in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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