How digital PR can boost a brand’s presence

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Analysis, Public Relations

Digital PR is an approach utilized to improve awareness of a brand using online techniques. Indeed, it is somehow similar to traditional PR in multiple ways. However, it is the best way to reach a broader audience that is impossible to reach using offline approaches. It relies on various internet-based aspects such as influencer outreach, content marketing, social media, and SEO to make the most impact.

Digital PR can improve the visibility and the online presence of a brand. Using digital PR approaches, any static information can be changed into conversations. A strong digital PR firm, as well as a full-service digital marketing agency with professional PR capabilities, can directly speak to their target audience at any time of the day. Be it at noon or even midnight, they can reach the audience. Once the company links up with the target audience, they can begin a dialogue to shed light on the products or services. They can also spread the news and any other crucial info that relates well to the audience.

What is the objective of digital PR?

The main objective of digital PR is to boost the client’s reputation and improve its visibility. Yes, they need to reach the members of their target audience. In short, it can be used to offer online reputation repair. Both traditional PR and digital PR have a common goal. Using digital PR, the brand becomes more recognizable. However, the two do not involve similar approaches though they have a common objective.

Digital PR makes use of digital tools to build brand value. It can be an overwhelming task to build a strong brand in this digital age where competitors emerge every day. However, effective strategies can be utilized to improve visibility and stay on top of the game. Thus, if any company does not use digital PR approaches, most of the prospects could be taken by firms ahead with digital PR.

Most people may not be aware of what someone’s business offers. But after communicating it to the potential buyers, chances of selling are high. Most consumers search for solutions online, and it is good to have the products and services well defined.

Digital PR: What does it entail?

The online realm has endless possibilities for promotions. Thus, most enterprises should try to let go of some print opportunities and opt for online approaches. Most digital PR firms combine the top traditional PR with clear attention in social media marketing, content marketing, etc. Indeed, a digital PR expert will make use of various approaches to boost the presence of a client’s website.

Some of the tactics that most digital PR strategists use include organizing business profiles, organizing online reviews, preparing online press releases, developing mutual relationships with top bloggers and online journalists to seek online press coverage, and organizing influencer marketing.

They also do blogger outreach to get mentions on the blogs. The influencers help them in mentions and comments on the various social media channels. They also publish top-notch content online to boost their reputation and earn high-quality backlinks.

Digital PR: How can it help the brand?

The main objective of digital PR, as covered earlier, is to boost brand awareness and its online presence. Thus, any digital PR campaign aims to achieve the two important aspects of the business that bring about success. A digital marketing agency focusing on integrated marketing uses a multichannel approach to create a seamless experience for consumers. It is essential to build a campaign that is user/consumer-focused and can make a massive difference in creating a strong online identity and making the brand unique in the competitive online market. Digital PR can help a business in the following ways:

  • Improve trust and improve the image of the brand

The only way people will trust a brand is when they hear good things about it. It could be on social media or blogs. Whichever way, it will boost the number of positive feedback from clients, and this will keep more consumers coming to buy. The more they trust your brand, the more they will buy from your business. They will view your brand as an authority brand in the market.

  • Build authority in your niche

It is good to be an authority in the industry. The best way to achieve this is by publishing top-notch content on the website. This improves reputation since people view it as a credible source of info, and this boosts trust among the target audience towards the brand.

  • Generate leads and sales

The use of digital PR approaches leads to mentions of the brand in front of people interested in buying. If this happens frequently, many people who hear or read about it will opt to visit its website. Eventually, they will buy some of the products. The use of digital PR tactics improves leads and also sales. Thus, if anyone wants more prospects to visit their websites and even buy some of the products, digital PR should be their primary focus.

  • Improve website traffic

Look: if more people read about the brand in various places, mentioned by different people, they will start to visit the website. Thus, just make sure all digital PR tactics are utilized to give the brand more mentions in various places by different people, be it bloggers or even influencers, the objective will be achieved.

  • Boost SEO

Truly, content published in high authority sites but linked to the brand’s website improves the site’s ranking on search results. Improved SEO rankings translate to high leads or even sales.

PRO TIP: to determine whether to outsource the task to an agency or just embark on doing it all by yourself, consider the time available, the budget and if you got the right skills. However, the best way is always to hire experts to handle the digital PR part.

Wrap up

It is about time to think about putting in place a digital PR plan now that much has been revealed in this article. Anyone who wants to reap the various benefits that come with digital PR finds outsourcing the best thing to do. It entails much, yet its benefits surpass its requirements. So, it is good to find a reputable digital PR firm to help you with it.

Claudia Cruz
Claudia is the Link Building Manager at Thrive Agency, a full-service digital marketing agency serving over a thousand small, medium, large and multi-location brands with their backlink strategy and digital PR. Thrive’s mission is to keep your brand message, build your SEO strategy, and bring home your business goals off and online.


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